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I have inculcated a sense of approaching the problem in multiple ways – Bharath Bhushan Ravuri, PGP AIML


I have around 15 years of IT experience. The last 10 years have been in Data Intelligence and Analytics. I have a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science. I am a Principal Consultant in a multinational Manufacturing and Logistics company mainly dealing in electronics. The domain includes Consumer durables, Health care, IT infrastructure. My role includes providing data insights by using BI tools such as Tableau, Microstrategy, Qlik, and ThoughtSpot. I have also been instrumental in creating data warehouses and data marts. 

My biggest professional challenge before joining Great Learning was to provide actionable predictions and trends. Being able to provide insights based on past data and provide a summary of the current situation was not enough. I needed the tools to provide predictive as well as prescriptive analytics. Based on the reputation that Great learning has, I had no apprehensions in choosing it over other available options. Besides, I contacted a few alumni who vouched for Great learning. 

Mentoring sessions are a great way of refreshing what was taught during the video lectures and beyond. It is unique and fills in the gap of not being in a classroom setting. The mentoring sessions not only provide a way of revisiting the concepts but also touch upon the practical and industry aspect of dealing with the problem on hand. Overall, the mentors are knowledgeable and have tons of practical experience, thus providing an interactive platform for clarifying doubts and gaining deeper insights. My mentor has been a great influence in keeping me motivated to go through the course. The sessions are interactive and insightful. Without the mentor, I do not think the program would be as successful as it is now.

With the newly learned skills, I have inculcated a sense of approaching the problem in multiple ways and myriad ways of solving it.

Anyone new in this area needs to learn the basics thoroughly. They need to go through all the material provided, including the optional course material. Taking assessments and projects seriously will help a long way in the learning curve.

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