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Kota Factory Season 2 – Life Lessons We Can Learn


TVF kick-started their series Kota Factory in 2019. In the first episode, we encounter the famous dialogue “Bache 2 Saal Me Kota Se Nikal Jate Hai, Kota Saalo Tak Bacho Mein Se Nahi Nikalta”. It has been the same for the audience waiting eagerly for two years for Kota Factory Season 2.

Well, the wait was over this year in September 2020 as Kota Factory Season 2 aired on Netflix. The Viral Fever (TVF) series seems to have aced the sequel test and has gone Viral ever since then. It is probably the only modern black and white series from India and perhaps the One for the repeaters this year. Like season 1, it focuses on teenage students battling it out to clear one of the toughest exams in India – IIT JEE. But the catch is that it subtly focuses on students who drop a year to clear this exam and their emotions.

As always, TVF, who are known to capture emotions by their brilliant camera work and storytelling, have done an incredible job providing an insight into the vulnerabilities of these students. Everyone knows IIT JEE is one of the most competitive exams after Class 12, but the fact is that <1% of students who appear for the exam make it into IIT. Although we have heard a lot about following One’s passion and taking unconventional paths, it is still far from reality in daily life. TVF seems to have addressed this issue in Kota Factory and in other series’ like Panchayat and Aspirants.

Life cannot be about just an exam and its result, right? Life is a journey that will have a lot of ups and downs. We need to learn every day from failures/setbacks and improve ourselves.

Let us take a look at five key lessons one can take away from “Kota Factory – Season 2”.

1. Celebrate your Failures

When we said Life Lessons from Kota Factory, pretty sure you would have already visualized Jeetu Bhaiya(played by Jitender Kumar). He is an inspirational teacher and mentor which every student aspires to have.

Throughout the series, Jeetu keeps saying – “I am scared of the students who follow all my instructions and study with me all along. They do everything that I say, eat right, sleep right, study with dedication, and when they don’t clear, it becomes tough for me to look at them heartbroken.”

His worst fears came true in the last episode. Jeetu motivated his students who could not clear IIT JEE and organized a small party for them, quoting – “You all are warriors and not losers. War mein haarne wale Warriors kehlate hai, Losers nahi!” Just the start of the party, he gets to know that one of his students, Varnali, has committed suicide, leaving Jeetu shocked and in despair.

It is indeed heartbreaking to lose a battle after consistently putting in all the effort. But this is life! You cannot win all the time. Sometimes you might not cross the line. Not just in exams, one might struggle during the job search to clear multiple interviews, someone else might struggle to run their start-up, but this does not mean you are a loser; you are a brave warrior who fought with everything you had.

So during tough times, hang in there! Keep in mind that it is a temporary phase.

In short, NEVER GIVE UP…!

2. Inculcate Good Habits

One thing that is common in highly successful people stands out is how well they complete all the tasks daily with complete accountability and responsibility. It can only be achieved by developing good habits. It takes a lot of courage and discipline to build and keep these habits. But it is not that tough!

When Vaibhav, a student of Jeetu, was struggling to sit and read consistently for hours, Jeetu gave him this Ikkis Din(21 days) ka solution:

“ye drama zyada din karne ki zaroorat nahi hai,

Sirf 21 din!

21 din mein koi bhi aadat lag jaati hai, koi bhi aadat chhoot jaati hai.

Toh yehi karna hai.”

According to our Agony Aunt – Jeetu Bhaiya, you can develop/let go of any habit in 21 days. Just work consistently for 21 days, and you will automatically start doing that as a routine. Suppose you are struggling to exercise daily. Start exercising every day at a particular time for 21 days, and soon it will be a routine. Vaibhav took up this 21-days challenge and started reading daily with ease for IIT JEE after the struggle of 21 days.

You might be thinking it just works in a TV Series, right? It works in real life too, try it!

Start today.

3. Learning is a Life-Skill

One of the most undermining things spoken about in this world is ‘constant learning’. Everyone tends to ‘get settled’ after reaching a milestone in their career. We all experienced how people who did not know the usage of basic technology struggled during the lockdown amidst the pandemic. A lot of people were laid off and struggled to find new jobs. Upskilling became a necessity. It is important for one to not settle and rest after reaching a milestone. Enjoy the moment but keep learning more to become better every day.

A similar incident happened when a student approached Jeetu Bhaiya saying –  she wanted to quit preparing for JEE Advanced, settling for getting an NIT as she had cleared JEE Mains exam. At the same time, Jeetu had decided to leave as a teacher in Prodigy Classes and start his institute Aimers.

He says this – “I do not know a thing about business, nor do I know how to manage all this. Challenges will come, and I will learn and fight them. Yaha hum 32 main gear up kar rahe hai, aap 17 main slowdown ho rahe hain didi”

Whether you are young or old, it does not matter; because it is never too late to learn and face challenges. Remember that Colonel Sanders founded KFC at the age of 65!

4. Take on risks and challenge yourself

Do you know that more than 50% of people do not even apply for the IIT JEE exam?

Many students think it is challenging considering the Number of students who appear v/s Number of students who get selected

Jeetu Bahiya says this to people who try to back off from the formidable challenge of clearing JEE and getting into IIT in Kota Factory Season 2. 

 “IIT isiliye karo kyonki tough hain, aur tough battle ladne main confidence aata hai life main.”

Many students tend to back off quickly as it is considered strenuous. Agree that the probability of getting into IIT is significantly less, but one needs to face the challenge instead of backing off. Even if you don’t clear the IIT JEE exam, you will understand the exam of LIFE…!

“Better to try and fail than not try at all” – Nicole Krauss

Not just IIT, anything challenging that you come across in life, FACE IT! Challenge yourself and give your best. If you fail, you will learn.

5. Be Yourself, but also Better Yourself

When Varnali comes to Jeetu Bhaiya giving up her IIT dream, he says this to her, and her classmates present there –

“Mere liye asaan hain bol dena Be Yourself, par satya yeh hai ki you should always try to Better Yourself”

It is true and gives us all a reality check. No matter how unique we are in this modern world, there is a lot of competition. We need to keep upskilling and learn new things to become a better version of ourselves.

Like our Brand Ambassador, Virat Kohli says – “Cricket ho ya jo bhi Career, Jo Seektha hain vo aage badta hain”

Did you like the Life Lessons from Kota Factory Season 2?

Han ya na Bolo na !? (in Jeetu’s voice from our side)

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