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Mentors were the guardian angels in my success – Paul Vikash KM, PGP DSBA



I am a bachelor’s in Electronics & Communication Engineering and a Masters’s in Business administration (Finance and Marketing). I was working for BNY Mellon as a Senior representative in Hedge funds reconciliation and a key member in automation projects in our process.

The two main biggest professional challenges were time and fear of non-programming experience. This challenge made me do better time management, especially early to bed and early to wake. Fear, which was the biggest threat and motivational killer for me, was a big challenge. When the world is moving toward automation, we should adapt for the same, and I self-motivated myself to take on this challenge.

I really loved the course curriculum from Great Learning and the brand name the institution has. I didn’t have a prior online learning experience, but this COVID pandemic made this online learning a new normal, and I just got adapted to it.

Mentored training lessons were excellent, and it was necessary for people like us from non-programming experience to clear as many as basic doubts from the mentor sessions, which helped us to do the course without hiccups. Quality was very good, which made us do some quality projects and business reports.

Mentors were the guardian angels in my success. Their inputs helped me in approaching a problem and finding an appropriate solution. They also shared real-time scenarios and additional information apart from video lessons which helped me to do the course with confidence.

How to understand data and what insights can be derived from the data were the most important skills I learned, which helped me to find solutions for my real work problems.
In both my previous company (BNY Mellon) and my current company (CITCO – ETL team), I have started to see and analyze data with statistical approaches rather than blind approaches. I do share insights derived from the data with the managers/management, which helped to grow professionally.

Don’t be afraid to take on new challenges, especially when the world is changing towards Analytics. Great learning has a very good curriculum and strong mentors to guide you to reach your goal. You should make use of the opportunity and put in some extra effort for a successful new beginning.

Source: GreatLearning Blog

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