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Our success is correlated with the hard work put in by mentors – Ritika Mehta Narang, PGP DSBA


I am Ritika Narang. I started my career 18 years back in the BPO industry when it was considered taboo in Indian households. I did night shifts or graveyard shifts and worked my way from an Operator to a Manager. I’m a graduate with no degree in statistics or computer science. However, I liked solving problems and working on data analysis and took the opportunity in my career to self-train myself. And I’m now Six Sigma Black Belt Certified. I’ve worked in retail, insurance, telecom, banking, etc. in the past. In 2019 I joined the backend team of one of the leading international banks. I worked there as a Project manager and supported the team in driving Six Sigma and lean projects. My biggest challenge at that time was to convince the team with my knowledge of six sigma and lean and make them follow simple techniques to save time and efficiency. I was not only able to drive projects successfully but also was able to make the teams I worked with, get best Projects awards. I always believed in this quote, “If it’s not challenging enough, it’s not worth it”. Challenges are part and parcel of life, it’s for us to take everything in a stride and come out better and stronger. 

I took a break from work during 2020 due to covid uncertainty. I started researching courses on Data science from different universities and Great Learning was a clear winner. I had a lot of apprehensions about online learning but was happy to see the mentors assigned throughout the course were knowledgeable and very approachable. Everything was made easy by the Great Learning team and program managers were very supportive. During the course and after completion also I felt that the mentors in Great Learning are good and have a thorough knowledge of content.  

Our success is correlated with the hard work put in by the mentors, trainers, and vice versa. The course itself is vast and diverse. It is the perfect combination of Data science and business domain. The weekend project submissions may look daunting, however, they help in building a strong base for data science. The course gave me insights into AI and Text mining. I have been very keen on both these topics and am still learning about the same every day. SQL was totally new to me and I was happy to see the Mentors recommending sites and books for further study.

With the help of knowledge acquired, I got a job in a BA role and now using the knowledge I acquired in the Great learning. 

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