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Real-world data and examples help understand the concepts – Chandrashekhar, PGP AIML



I am a telecom professional with around 16 years of experience. Presently working as Software Architect for 5G base station. I have worked in multiple roles in my career on cloud platforms, Wireless LAN gateway, 4G/3G network elements. I joined the IT industry after post-graduation (M.Tech) from BMS college and B.Tech from PESIT Bangalore. I was working as Software Architect at Nokia for the 5G gNodeB program. 

The challenges that I faced during working in the telecom industry – learning about packets and their inherent behavior. To provide Quality of Experience, network elements involved in transferring data from the data network to User Equipment and vice versa need to learn about properties of the packets like source, destination, intended application, hops they have to traverse, etc. So deep learning we call in the industry and how to get intelligence about the data is a challenge and will solve so many problems in the coming years. 

I came to know about the PGP – AIML Online Program from colleagues and friends about the quality of courses, university tie-ups, and commitment of faculty & coordinators, positive feedback from these leads me to choose GL. The online medium did not add any apprehensions as it is a medium of work in regular office work. 

Mentoring classes provide a place for technical clarification and are like regular classroom sessions. These are conducted in a way no prior experience is needed on the subject. Also, since mentors are available out of normal teaching hours via other mediums like mail, WhatsApp provides ease of communication.  

Also to add, from the experience of learning at GL, it is not a normal institute to just teach. It is a place where you need to dedicate your time to gradually learn and be disciplined in learning without compromise. So, it adds value to personal and professional journeys. 

Few things which I found useful in mentoring sessions:

  • Quality time provided for explanation 
  • No shortcut method in teaching 
  • Tools used 
  • Mentors’ Industry experience helps in understanding the real-life problem 

Support of the mentor during the course:

Real-world data and examples from mentors help to understand the problem better. The availability of mentors outside the classroom hours via a different medium was helpful, along with the reference materials provided. 

Accomplishments from newly learned skill sets:

Now, I can approach the industry problems more systematically than earlier. Found new problems statements in regular work with the understanding from a new skill set. Also, I have a better understanding of the data generated from telecom network elements through tools and the knowledge acquired.

Advice would like to give to people who are just starting with learning analytics:

  • Learn the basics better.
  • Formal training is necessary to understand the knowledge available rather than starting from scratch on the problem faced 
  • Data is knowledge, and to understand what data is knowledge you need to learn how to classify the data algorithm needed to analyze the data, so I recommend going with a trusted institute like GL. 

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