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The course was structured well and helped me transition into my career – Sahana TL, PGP AIML

pgp aiml

pgp aiml

After I completed my Computer Engineering, I was working as a mainframe developer. I have 7 years of work experience. Since I was working in mainframe, it was very difficult for me to learn and apply new technologies (like python). One reason for selecting Great Learning is its association with the Great Lakes. My manager told me about the PGP-AIML course and persuaded me to take it up. He felt that it would help me grow in my career and reach greater heights. Another factor I considered was that the course was delivered by Stanford.  

I feel that in today’s business world, it is extremely important to stay updated. Technology is changing at a rapid pace, the methodology being used is continuously changing, and if we don’t adapt to these changes, we will become obsolete in our practices. Upskilling was actually on my mind for a long time, I decided to follow through, and I’m glad I did! In the future, I see myself becoming a facilitator and this was the first step towards it.

I feel the curriculum is a little fast-paced, but it is extremely comprehensive. We had very interesting brainstorming sessions. Overall, I felt the course was structured well and helped me transition into my career by becoming industry-ready. 

The mentors were really helpful. Initially, I thought that since there are so many students, I might not receive personalized feedback. I was proven wrong. Each project and doubt was attended to by the mentors, and personalized feedback was given to me. The program mentors would research and get back to me even after their time frame was completed. This was helpful! 

My journey with Great Learning was wonderful. I gained ample knowledge about various topics. By the end of the course, I was able to apply Python skills to perform Data Analysis. We were taught Python libraries and their functionality, which proved to be very helpful for me. 

The support provided by the mentors and course coordinators was exceptional. We were shown video lectures and given projects to complete, both of which gave great insight and a better understanding. I’m a proud Great Learner!

I would love to identify and actively be involved in Machine Learning projects and contribute something to the current organization. 

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