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The industry-based curriculum broadened the spectrum of new job opportunities – Goushika Madhmitha, PGP DSBA


I completed my bachelor’s degree in B.Tech-EEE and, as a fresher, joined an IT firm. I had an interest aligned towards the DBMS process in software development and started to work on projects using ETL applications over 7 years across a few organizations. The challenging part of my career was to get the right mentor at the right time to steer me on the right path. I am fortunate enough to have a solid support system that helped me juggle and concentrate on work, the PGP-DSBA course from Great Learning, and my family at the same time.

I started using ML applications at my workplace, and this triggered my interest in Data Science. I also started looking for more course content on Data Science. However, lack of exposure and understanding of the field was one of the obstacles, as not many women are working in the Data Science field.

It is a learning process, and one should be very agile in understanding the requirements of Data Science from various industries, as the application is endless. Concentrating more on understanding the basics helps in cracking and identifying problem statements from any dataset. I was at a point where I felt stagnant in my position and was looking to upskill myself without having to quit my current job, and that’s when I started researching about Great learning.

Great Learning professors and materials provided for the program assisted greatly with the curriculum. We also managed to adjust our pace of understanding, despite the pandemic. I learned under the guidance of amazing faculty. Specifically, Prof. Gurumoorthy, who patiently clarified, cleared and revised basic concepts every time we started advanced topics. We also learned from motivating faculty like Prof. Ragavshyam Ramamurthy and Prof. Deepesh Singh, who shared their industry experience while explaining concepts.

I suffered from COVID-19 and also went through major life changes. Despite this, I concentrated and planned my assignments and projects, which were posted well in advance. Great Learning’s management team assisted us at every point, where we weren’t rushed into completing the program but given time to understand each module thoroughly and submit our projects.

The DSBA program helped me with automation solutions for my current job, and the content on the industry-based curriculum broadened the spectrum of new job opportunities for my future career. The PGP-DSBA program is the wisest decision I have ever made.

0 Source: GreatLearning Blog

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