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The mentors possess all the required qualities – Dev Shah, PGP AIML



I am an IT. Engineer and I passed out in the B.E. in 2021. I have approx—1 yr of work experience. I mostly work in java based projects. I have created many Android Applications like Battery Ringer (The phone will set the alarm when it gets charged to 100%), E-Tracker (Employee’s real-time location will be sent to the manager/seniors), or for Family & Friends (where we’ll store our profile and share with friends online).

I just completed my Bachelor’s 6 months ago, and I have created many android projects in college time. Before joining, I worked on the TATA AIA life insurance project.

To upgrade my skill set, I choose to learn something in advance and currently trending as per the industry demands. As we know, going forward, AI will be the most demanding technology. Hence, I chose to learn more about the AI/ML domain. When I saw the program’s introductory lecture, I then got the confidence that I won’t get any difficulty learning via online medium. After applying, I got a call from the Program Manager, and when I spoke to her regarding my doubts, all of them were made very clear. 

A mentor should possess some key qualities like teaching power, knowledge, support, and encouragement. All those qualities are available in our mentors in this PGP-AIML Online program. A mentor is very important because whenever we have any doubts in the weekly content, then those doubts will be solved in the mentor sessions. If you learn anything without a mentor, then it might get quite difficult to understand. But here, we have a regular live mentoring session, so we can ask our queries there. Whenever I get any difficulties in the project, I have asked my mentor, and he has extended his support.

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