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The online sessions conducted were extremely knowledgeable – Prabhat Kumar, PGP AIML



I am working as an Assistant General Manager with TATA SKY in Revenue Assurance and Fraud Control (Finance) dept. I look after the customization of software systems and draft technical documents to meet client needs. I also look after new developments on innovative solutions where I can use new technology to reduce revenue leakage and strengthen fraud control.

I am an information technology engineering graduate having 15 + years of work experience.

Before joining the PGP-AIML Course, I have 15+ years of work experience in the revenue assurance and fraud control dept, where I used to look after software implementations related to the department.

As a business grows, fraud threats also increase. In the current world of digitization, it is very difficult to predict fraud without AIML capabilities, or you can say the cost to identify fraud increases if we detect fraud without AIML capabilities. In order to stay ahead of the fraudster and reduce the organization’s cost, I decided to learn and use AIML. So, after doing lots of research and going through reviews over the internet I decided to choose Great learning.

The course curriculum is extremely comprehensive. All the online sessions conducted were extremely knowledgeable. The support provided by the mentors and course coordinators is exceptional.

The way they explain the concept is truly exceptional. It is very easy to understand the concepts even if you don’t have a coding background.  

Within a few sessions of the course, I already started building the AIML model at work and encouraged people to learn this new technology.

Businesses are getting more digital now as we produce tons of structured and unstructured data. Gone are the days when we used to have less data and derive insights using spreadsheets and other tools. In order to stay ahead in the new ecosystem, everybody has to learn data science.

There is data science in every domain/work whether you are a software engineer, analyst, or CXO.

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