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The recorded sessions provide a very articulate approach to the program – Kaushik Ghosh, PGP AIML



My name is Kaushik Ghosh; I work in a Market Research company in the capacity of a Data Scientist. In my current role, I am responsible for supervising Statistical surveys and estimating market volume both in terms of the number of stores and yearly turnover. My responsibilities also involve designing and maintaining an optimal panel of stores year on year.

The biggest challenge before joining this PGP AIML program for me was to find an avenue for a structured program of upgrading my skill sets. I was lost with a plethora of materials available on the internet and didn’t have a proper idea of where to begin and what to prioritize. I needed a platform and program whose curriculum would effectively guide me with a correct path of upskilling myself with the requisite market-relevant technologies necessary for our field.

The cutting-edge industry-ready program, the practical approach of the educators in making me aware of the opportunities in the Data Science field, and the cons of not upskilling and the approach followed in the program convinced me to take up this PGP-AIML Program with Great Learning. I did have initial apprehensions in joining an online program but was convinced of the acceptability of this program with examples of successful alumni who are practicing Data Scientists employed in reputed organizations.

The mentored learning sessions are the most critical highlights of this curriculum. The recorded sessions provide a very articulate and structured approach to completing the program. Each topic is divided into small modules of recorded videos in simple, lucid languages to keep the interest of the user alive while completing the chapters. Each chapter is well complemented with industry case studies to help the user understand the application of each module in the industry. I would say that the quality of mentored learning sessions is extremely good, detailed, covered in simple, lucid language, and complemented well with industry case studies. The Mentor is the best part of this program. Mentors are extremely knowledgeable and supportive to help the learner build the concepts efficiently.

I have got a structured approach to the field of Data Science, particularly “Machine Learning.” This course has given me the confidence to apply what I have learned in the real world.

My advice to people who are just starting with learning analytics would be to get yourself in a structured program like Great Learning to understand the required concepts to get expertise in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning.

Source: GreatLearning Blog

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