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Top Industries and Application areas of Artificial Intelligence in 2022

application areas of artificial intelligence

2019 has been a year of drastic improvements in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It also witnessed a great deal of acceptance from the customers. 41% of the customers believe that AI will improve the quality of life in some way or the other. 33% believe that they are already using artificially intelligent applications or platforms. 

This gives organizations a sense of confidence in their products and operations that incorporate Artificial Intelligence at their core. In this section, we highlight the top industries where AI has gained popularity and the top application areas of Artificial Intelligence in each of these industries.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Top Industries


Improvement in the state of healthcare system holds immense importance as it directly reflects on critical aspects such as quality of treatment, life expectancy, etc. Artificial Intelligence is playing a major role in improving diagnostics, minimally invasive surgical procedures, drug development, better patient monitoring, and getting actionable insights into patients’ real-time needs. These are just some of the many applications of AI in healthcare. Mentioned below are some critical application areas of artificial intelligence that are helping save lives.

Enlitic, a California based AI organization that develops ‘deep learning’ based tools to streamline radiology diagnosis. The deep learning platform analyses the unstructured data such as blood tests, radiology images, genomics, EKGs, etc. along with complete patient medical history. It then provides medical practitioners with actionable insights based on this data to understand patients’ real-time needs.

Enlitic has been named the 5th smartest AI company in the world by MIT. It has left behind Facebook and Microsoft in the said ranking. 

Named the ‘Most Innovative Healthcare AI Developments of 2019’, BioXcel Therapeutic’s work in AI-based drug development is phenomenal. The company uses AI to identify and develop new medicines in the domain of neuroscience and immuno-oncology. They also work towards finding new applications for existing drugs with the help of AI. 

There are many organizations that are working towards improving the diagnosis of cancer detection and successfully working towards improving the rate of cancer detection at earlier stages to reduce cancer-related deaths. Many companies are also working towards finding a cure for cancer in the early stages. 


It has been stated that our planet would need 50% more food than being produced today by the year 2050. And once again, AI could be the solution to this challenging task. 

PEAT is a Berlin-based start-up that has successfully designed and developed an AI application software for analysing the nutrient profile of the soil. It can achieve this by merely scanning through the images of the soil, without even physically examining it in any way. 

Some of the ways they are helping solve the problems of the agriculture industry are by enabling higher production and reduced operational cost and increasing the efficiency of cultural practices.

Apart from the information regarding the soil profile, the new age IoT-based AI modules assist with applications of climate prediction, crop management practices, fertilizer optimization, and organically nurtured produce. 


Artificial Intelligence has found many applications in the Finance industry. These applications are being widely used across organisations to up their game and grab a larger chunk of market share. Some of the applications lie in credit decisions, managing risk, fraud prevention, quantitative trading, personalised banking, process automation and much more.

ZestFinance has come up with Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML). It is an AI-powered underwriting platform that is helping finance companies to assess the credibility of borrowers with little or no credit history. Thousands of data points are used to provide a level of transparency that other underwriting solutions fail to provide. ZAML is an end to end platform which is easily scalable. 

Similarly, there are many other start-ups that are coming up with AI solutions to transform the traditional ways prevailing in the industry. 

Space and Aeronautics 

Artificial Intelligence has paved its way into extraterrestrial exploration and helping space scientists to find hints of life on other planets. It is being considered to send artificial Intelligence bots to other planets to conduct studies on the presence of life, based on the climatic activities and presence of natural resources around.

Another application lies with managing the humongous amount of data that is received from satellites. The significant amount of data gathered by NASA from these satellites is in the form of ocean currents, volcanic activity, ic states, and a bird’s eye view of what is happening on the Earth. The millions of bytes of raw data are organised and processed into data sets which is a tough task given the volume of data. The Advancing Collaborative Connections for Earth System Science (ACCESS) researchers use the latest machine learning and data transmission for different aspects of data management. 

Top industries and application areas of Artificial Intelligence in India

India has witnessed substantial growth in the number and size of Artificial Intelligence start-ups. Many small and mid-size companies are flourishing and thriving the very challenging field of AI with their unique and promising solutions. 

For many years now, cities like Bengaluru, Pune, Chennai, and Coimbatore among others have spawned many micro-industries. This is the reason behind these startups venturing into industrial AI in India. 

Tarun Mishra, co-founder of DeTech Technologies says, “India is known for its software prowess and we have the talent and capabilities in machine learning, computer vision, and deep learning. The next level is building the AI layer on top and India is front-ending this revolution.”

Some of the major industries that are opening up to AI applications are healthcare, Defense, and commercial space. Let us have a look at some of the top companies and research institutes in 2019 that are applying Artificial Intelligence to solve real-world problems.

Artificial Intelligence Major Industries


Niramai: Thermalytix by Niramai is a fusion of sophisticated Machine Learning algorithms to automate the process of analysing thermal images. It is an AI-powered diagnostic engine with a high-resolution thermal sensing device and a cloud-hosted analytics solution for the analysis of thermal images identified. The SaaS solution helps with early and accurate breast cancer screening.

National eHealth Authority (NeHA) – National eHealth Authority is a government initiative and acts as a regulatory body for setting standards in the healthcare sector. The vision of this organisation is to attain high quality and cost-effective health services for all Indians. It is an integrated health information system to promote setting up of state health record repositories and Health Information Exchanges (HIEs). The goal is to set up a data management system, privacy policies, guidelines, and health records of patients. The health records are monitored with the help of AI for the better cure of patients. 

Cognitive Science Research Initiative (CSRI) – This initiative uses AI to overcome challenges related to cognitive disorders and related social issues. Some of the tools used are psychological tools, early diagnosis, and better therapies, rehabilitation programs, and intervention technologies all using AI.


Multi-agent Robotics Framework (MARF): This is an AI-powered multi-layered architecture that provides a plethora of military applications. It will enable collaboration among the various kinds of robots that the Indian military has already built. Some of these are Snake Robot, Legged Robot, Wheeled Robot with Passive Suspension, Wall-climbing Robot, and Robot Sentry among others.

Unmanned Systems for Military Operation: Artificial Intelligence is helping in developing unmanned military operation systems for the different terrain types of the country. Extensive research is being done in locomotion technologies to achieve a breakthrough in this technology. 

Commercial Space

Rivigo: It is a true AI-enabled logistics company in the commercial space. They use AI and ML to prevent fuel pilferages using geofencing techniques and geostatistical modelling. They also use the Internet of Many Things (IoMT) sensors to monitor and analyse human behaviour and prevent collisions. 

Netradyne: Uses AI and deep learning to ensure driver safety with Driveri. It is an assistance and monitoring device with Quad HD cameras, GPS, LTE, gyrometer, accelerometer, and most importantly a deep learning processing unit. 

Research in AI fields at ISI, Kolkata

The Machine Intelligence Unit (MIU): The machine intelligence unit, abbreviated as MIU carries out research in various aspects of machine intelligence. It takes into account the advanced technologies like artificial neural networks, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, fractal and rough sets etc. to convey the core concepts of machine learning and pattern recognition for industrial applications. 

Currently, the department is developing these technologies individually and in an integrated manner. The objective is to solve various problems in image processing, pattern recognition, data mining, brain modelling, among other applications related to the design of intelligent systems. 

The Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition Unit (CVPR): The department is pioneering the development of an Optical Character Recognition system (OCR). The system recognizes the Bangla and Devanagari scripts and performs various functions on these scripts. It performs document tilt correction, word and character segmentation, character recognition, script line, and ultimately error correction. The system functions at 98% accuracy which is outstanding. 

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