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Weekly mentor sessions helped me understand the concepts clearly – Nithiya Vinod, PGP AIML



I have done my Masters in Business Administration, and I have an overall 2 years of experience at work as an SAP FICO consultant. I had no desire to continue with SAP. I have always had some love for Data Science right from my college days. I had a career break owing to my maternity. When I came across Great Learning and the courses offered, I desperately wanted to do my Master with Great Lakes – Bad luck, I couldn’t. I stuck to Great Learning because of its tie-up with Great Lakes. I wanted to take up the AIML course, thereby satisfying my thirst for data science.

The biggest challenge was my background. I had no prior knowledge of coding. However, Great Learning and the team helped me cope with Python with good basic knowledge tutorials and references.

Weekly mentor sessions helped me in getting to understand the concepts clearly. I have heard of most concepts under Machine Learning while doing my masters, without the knowledge on its application. Be it the weekly content or the mentor session. Everything was clear and neatly explained at a basic level that anyone could understand the application and apply the concept practically.

Case studies and the project that Great Lakes provided helped me hands-on with the concepts and created some confidence that I can code too. They were really challenging, and I appreciate the Hackathons and Quizzes the course offers intermittently. This gave me a determination to work as a part of the Data Science team even when I haven’t completed the course. I am currently a Data Scientist at Tata Consultancy Services. AI/ML models and the concepts are really helpful in applying the same for real-time business data, thereby enhancing & satisfying the customer’s need.

AI/ML is a vast topic, and one needs interest in learning and gaining more knowledge in this field. Great Learning is one right platform where you can pursue your dream for data science. 1-2 hours a day will definitely be helpful in getting good knowledge on each topic. I am one good example of a person with zero coding knowledge who can work as a Data scientist with GL’s AIML program. Most needed in your learning journey would be – Determination and Dedication. 

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