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6 Best Virus Outbreak and Pandemic Shows (Non-Zombie)

We are going to share the Best Virus Outbreak and Pandemic TV Shows, these tv shows are non-Zombie Virus outbreak shows, that share insight about a virus outbreak and Global Pandemic, but let’s learn about what is a Virus outbreak.

A Virus outbreak or Pandemic is the unexpected appearance of a large number of cases of a given infection among a particular demographic, regional area, or group. It frequently signifies that the virus is rapidly spreading and infecting a large number of people.

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Best Virus Outbreak and Pandemic Shows

The Last Ship

the last ship best tv show on virus outbreak
the last ship is the best tv show on virus outbreak

The show’s premise is that a fatal virus has killed off a large portion of the population of the globe, and the crew of the USS Nathan James, led by Captain Tom Chandler (played by Eric Dane), have to collaborate together to discover a cure for the infection and rescue civilization. The ship becomes one of the few surviving centers of resistance and optimism to the disease and its crew encounters a variety of challenges and impediments as they attempt to complete their goal.

The budget of this show is high and you will see some great action with a brilliant story.

The Last Ship delves into issues such as survival, governance, sacrifice, and the effects of a worldwide catastrophe. The program combines drama, action, and science fiction themes. Without any doubt, The Last Ship is one of the best TV Shows on a Global Pandemic.

The Last Ship is available on Amazon Prime.

12 Monkeys

12 Monkeys TV Show about time travel

12 Monkeys is a TV show that ran from 2015 to 2018. It is based on Terry Gilliam’s 1995 film of the same name.

The show is a science fiction drama about James Cole (Aaron Stanford), a time traveler from a post-apocalyptic future, and Dr. Cassandra “Cassie” Railly (Amanda Schull). Cole is sent backward in time to stop the spread of a fatal virus that would wipe out most of mankind.

Cole and Cassie face several hurdles, paradoxes, and sophisticated time-travel physics as they work together to uncover the plot and avert the virus’s spread. The series crafts elaborate storylines that investigate issues like fate, free choice, and the repercussions of one’s actions, This show is a perfect Time Travel TV Show also, It is available on Amazon Prime in some regions.

Station Eleven

Station Eleven tv show on virus outbreak and pandemic
Station Eleven tv show on virus outbreak and pandemic

The plot takes place in a future where a highly infectious and lethal flu virus has killed out a large section of the worldwide population.

The story jumps between eras, both before and after the epidemic, and follows the lives of a variety of individuals, including a famous Hollywood actor, a traveling symphony, a paramedic, and others. Art, memory, humanity’s resiliency, and the interdependence of people’s lives are all topics explored throughout the story, it is available on HBO Max.

To The Lake

Russian show to the lake about virus outbreak and global pandemic

To the Lake, also known as Epidemiya in Russian, is a post-apocalyptic television series set in Russia. The program is set in a world where a strange and lethal virus is quickly spreading, causing social collapse and anarchy.

The plot centers around a group of people from varied backgrounds who must band together in order to live and negotiate the difficulties of this new and hazardous reality. The individuals set out on a trek to an isolated lakeside spot in search of safety and sanctuary from the virus and its repercussions.


Containment tv show on virus outbreak and pandemic

Containment centers around a deadly and extremely infectious viral epidemic in Atlanta, Georgia. In reaction to the outbreak, a huge area of the city has been quarantined and tight containment measures have been implemented to stop the disease from spreading further. The story explores the lives of many individuals, including inhabitants, medical workers, and government officials, who are imprisoned within the quarantine zone.

The show delves into how the individuals react and adjust to the turmoil, their survival challenges, the effect of separateness on friendships, and the ethical quandaries confronting those in command of the containment operations. It also digs into the quarantine’s political, social, and emotional implications.

The Stand

The Stand tv show on virus outbreak
The Stand tv show on the virus outbreak

The Stand premiered as a ten-episode miniseries on CBS All Access (formerly known as Paramount+) in late 2020.

The Stand includes good vs evil, the battle for existence in a post-apocalyptic world, and the conflict between hope and despair. The plot follows the lives and relationships of a broad ensemble of individuals, each of whom represents a different facet of humanity.

These are the best Virus outbreak and Global pandemic tv Series, you share your favorite TV Show on Virus outbreak in the comment section.

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