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7 Creator Reels On The Soothing Track, ‘Chaand Baaliyan’ That Made Us Add This Song To Our Playlist Pronto

Instagram has got us hooked to new and unique music and how! It legit shows us the hidden songs through Reels and we love to watch creators jump on such trending audios. Similarly, the soothing song ‘Chaand Baaliyan‘ by Aditya has been stuck in our heads and we can’t help but keep hearing it on loop. You should defo add this song to your shaadi playlist asap if you’ve not already. Many creators have used this song to create some fun content. Scroll down to watch it all right here.


1. Bhavin Bhanushali

Woah, two super talented artists in one frame is a treat to watch, isn’t it? Alia Bhatt and Bhavin defo made this Reel extra joyful as he went down on his knee for our ‘Gangubai‘. Also, the candid conversation that took place in the middle of this Reel is what we absolutely love and adore.

2. Riya Jain

The gorgeous, caughtinacuff as always is giving us major fashion inspo through her content. She posted this Reel as her first one after she came back from her social media break. We have to say Riya, black makes you look super sassy and we can’t stop ourselves from saying, ‘hum to tere peeche ho liya‘.

3. Cherry Jain

Fashion has always been Cherry’s forte and this is just one of the videos that prove that. Winters are very cozy as everyone already knows and what if you have to wear a traditional outfit during the time? Cherry has got you covered as to how you can feel warm as well as stay stylish. Thank you for these hacks, beaut!

4. Richa Negi

Dr. Richa never fails to put a simile on our face with your soothing, happy and dancing content. This one too is just one of those where you can simply enjoy watching her perform like a pro. Btw, we loved the shuffle step way too much here, didn’t you too?

5. Simran Bhatia Sharma

This Valentine’s Day throwback Reel is filled with so much love and light that the only thing radiating here is postivity. Shammi surprised Simran on V-Day with this beautiful dinner and the snippets look super ‘aww-dorable‘, right?

6. Ayaz Khan

Honestly, this is such a simple Reel filled with all things beautiful around us that we miss watching on a daily basis. It totally reminded us of one of the most famous poems from our school days called ‘Lesuire‘. Absolutely love how the audio and the video is matching, leading to perfection.

7. Taabish Shaikh

Awww, he is such a charmer when it comes to creating content. His Reels are super relatable and catchy just like this one. Also, we have to say, ‘teri surat ki hai chaandi 100 takka‘ that we can’t stop replaying this on loop. Taabish stop or even we won’t be able to switch our view, hahah.

What an amazing song this is! We have already used this trending track a couple of times to create our content and we hope you do too. On a side note, we hope you are staying safe and taking all the necessary precautions. Also, don’t forget to follow us @missmalinitrending on Instagram for all your creator updates.

Source: MissMalini

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