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7 Creator Reels On The Viral Trend, ‘Edge’ That Made Us Stop & Stare

Has it ever been that you’ve opened Instagram and not come across a trend, no right? Every second week there’s a new trend and it becomes viral like a wildfire in no time. Similarly, the newest trend named ‘Edge‘ has caught our and a lot of creators‘ attention and we have to talk about it. In this trend, all you have to do is look in different directions while talking about a relatable situation. Some creators have given amazing twists to this trend which left our mouths wide open. Scroll down to watch what the creators have in store for us.

Check ‘em out!

1. Awez Darbar and Nagma Mirajkar

Throwback to Valentine’s week where Awez uploaded this Reel for her lady love, Nagma on kiss day. He completely twisted this trend towards the end and we’re all eyes for such content always and forever. The prankster this time purposely didn’t look on the right and that really shows that they’re super ‘aww-dorable‘ together.

2. Mrunal Panchal

Woah, this Reel is as colourful as it could get especially when the Gujju Unicorn herself is jumping on the trend. The way she created this Reel was so unique and different from others that we didn’t even blink while watching it. Her each transition left us in complete awe and we loved all her shades from red to blue.

3. Krutika

Okay now, this has to be one of the most relatable Reels of this trend. Every time a Millennial or Gen-Z attends a family function with ripped jeans you know that look all the relatives give, right? Krutika has visually decoded the same for us and it’s hilarious to watch her expressions, hahaha.

4. Radhika Bangia

If you’re a K-Drama fan just like Radhika then this Reel is for you fam. She has included the best of the best people as her nominees for her future husband, from Park seo joon to Gong yoo. Also, the cute Korean hearts at the end has become the new peace sign for all of us, don’t you think so too?

5. Anisha Dixit

OMG, the amount of relatability we have with this piece of content is non-existent. This legit happens with us at least once a day, where we opened another app instead of the app we wanted to. ‘Cause our mind is always on the run, isn’t it? Don’t tell us that this has never happened to you!

6. Sukriti

For all the people who watch horror movies does this happen to you? ‘Cause, we surely get scared by the slightest random noise that we hear. If you’re not one of those people Sukriti has depicted in the above Reel then you should legit get an award, hahah.

7. Esha Shetty

Indians would relate to this Reel to its maxxxxx. This is literally har ghar ghar ki kahani in our households. It’s become a part of our bedtime routine of killing mosquitoes as Esha mentioned. But if we are only this sweet then how can mosquitoes stay away from us, tell me, hahahah!

Each creator has added their own uniqueness and relatability factor to their content that they deserve a round of applause for being so creative. If you go to the audio page of this trend you’d find many more amazing Reels by creators so watch them all. On that note, we hope you are staying safe and taking all the necessary precautions. Also, don’t forget to follow @missmalinitrending on Instagram for all your creator updates.

Source: MissMalini

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