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8 Things You Need To Know Before You Get Pregnant

Prepping for pregnancy starts long before your conception. There are a few things you can do to get in the best shape possible to improve your chances of getting pregnant. It will help you have a smooth transition to pregnancy, motherhood, and postpartum if you start planning your budget, your relationship with your spouse, to your life with your baby.

There are a few healthy habits that you should consider building to prep your body for a bun in the oven. Plus, to align aspects in your life in order to have a smooth sail for your little bundle whenever they make their grand appearance.


Prepping your body

All the activities that you do during the day can have an impact on your chances of conceiving. From the kind of food you eat to the amount of drinking your body can take, even your workout routine is very important when you’re considering getting pregnant.

Inculcate healthy habits

Exercise should be a part of your daily routine, you should start working out at least 30 minutes a day. Brisk walking, Zumba, or strength training whatever hits your mojo, just get going. Working out releases feel-good hormones endorphins, which keep you relaxed and make those baby-making efforts more productive.

Try to limit your coffee consumption. Keeping your caffeine consumption in moderation will help you get and stay pregnant.

This is a good time to switch your regular drink with a mocktail. Hard drinks sometimes mess with your menstrual cycle, possibly interfering with your ovulation.

Quit smoking long before you start thinking of having a baby. You must’ve heard by now that smoking is not only injurious to your health but also to your developing baby’s health. It even affects your and your partner’s fertility.

Minimise stress

Juggling with stress is a part of the modern-day lifestyle. Sometimes it can mess with your ovulation and cause harm to your eggs. Try to take it easy and find a stress management technique that works for you. Try meditation and yoga if nothing else works.

Pay your doctor a visit

Review your daily medication, if any, with your doctor and ask for a subscription of folic acid and other multivitamins. A few medications, not just allopathic but also Ayurvedic should be avoided as they can have adverse effects on the growing fetus and your fertility. It’s always better to cross-check with your doctor before you start planning your pregnancy.

Clock 7-8 hours of sleep

Make it your goal to at least get a minimum of seven to eight hours of peaceful, undisturbed sleep at night. Just like a good diet, enough sleep promotes good chances of producing your little one. Erratic sleep pattern is linked with irregular periods.

Maintain a good dental hygiene

Before you get pregnant, pay a visit to your dentist. It’s the best time to get your gums in shape. There is a link between uncontrolled periodontal disease and a few pregnancy complications.

Prepare yourself mentally

Having a baby and a pregnancy can be a very isolating experience. Sometimes women even experience depression during this time, it’s important to be vocal about your mental health and get it under control before you get pregnant.

Be financially prepared

Baby items and doctor visits are quite expensive. Check what all does your insurance cover and start building up your savings. This will help you be prepared for all seen and unforeseen expenses.


The key is to anticipate disruption and still trust in the greater good. Be ready for a life-altering change once you get pregnant and deliver your baby.

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