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Everything You Need To Know About These Leading Designer Outfits Featured On The Good Creator Co. x Dabboo Ratnani Creator Calendar 2022 Curated By MissMalini

Get ready to get your mind blown by something so exciting and never seen before! Recently, MissMalini announced and launched the #GoodCreatorCo—India’s largest creator ecosystem! These digital influencers and creators are no less than celebrities with their huge fanbase and they’re here to wow us! Now it’s only right that The Good Creator Co. start off their first project with a bang! In collaboration with the extremely talented Dabboo Ratnani, MissMalini has curated a 2022 calendar and we could not be more pumped about it! The calendar includes 12 of your favourite creators who are adorning outfits by 12 of our favourite designers and styled by fashion stylist Rishika Devnani! Doesn’t that sound like a star-studded dream? I am in love with all the stunning looks and I’m sure you will be too!

Let’s take a look, shall we?

1. Ranveer Allahabadia In Shantanu & Nikhil

Ranveer Allahabadia aka BeerBiceps wore an outfit from designers Shantanu & Nikhil. With that crisp, navy blue shirt, a matching coloured jacket with subtle red and white detailing and beige pants, Ranveer looked nothing short of a dapper king! He accessorised this look with shades and a pair of white shoes with red details giving it that semi-formal and casual vibe.

What the stylist has to say

“Ranveer is always seen in jeans and t-shirts and very casual, we wanted to pair him with a designer that is exactly the opposite, that actually specialised in formals and has really interesting formals so that’s why we went ahead with Shantanu and Nikhil. However, to keep it true to his aesthetic we went the semi-formal way and gave him sneakers and shades. The shades even reflected the lights around him making the shot nicer.”

What the designer has to say

“Ranveer is seen in the uber-cool, zipper bomber, bandh gala which is as anti-trend as it gets. The jacket is highlighted with colour-blocked tape and signature, leather buckle details to accentuate the millennial edginess he sports!”

2. Mrunal Panchal In Rocky Star

Mrunal Panchal, popularly known as Mrunu adorned this gorgeous look from Rocky Star. Hopping on the corset bandwagon, she is seen wearing a heavily embellished one which had a slight pink undertone and a matching skirt to go with it. Sexy yet youthful, this look certainly complemented Mrunal in all the right ways and it shows by the way she was glowing!

What the stylist has to say

“Mrunal has a very cute and bubbly personality, she doesn’t usually venture into sexy glam. So we wanted to pair her with Rocky Star as he is known for his uber-sexy and chic outfits. We wanted to match a sassy outfit with her personality so we went with a really sexy, embellished bustier, corset top and a matching skirt. We gave her very minimal diamond jewellery to keep the vibe youthful but glam.”

What the designer has to say

“This is a handcrafted thread and crystal embroidered, corset bodysuit with a matching skirt. I am so excited to be a part of this iconic calendar, I would like to express my gratitude to Daboo and MissMalini, and Mrunal is looking absolutely stunning.”

3. Mr Faisu In Dhruv Kapoor

Faisal Shaikh‘s modern look totally embodied his uber-cool personality if I do say so myself! Mr Faisu’s outfit is by designer Dhruv Kapoor and I must say this outfit looked like it was made for him! He wore a sleeveless, sheer shirt that showed off his killer body with black denim pants with a chain detailing. To accessorise, he went with some sunglasses and a pair of black, combat boots that added to this intense look!

What the stylist has to say

“For Faisu, we went with Dhruv Kapoor as he has a very different hip-hop vibe and we thought we could merge it with Dhruv as he has really quirky stuff. We decided to give him an Italian mafia, really hot look. We gave him just a sheer shirt and added black boots to the look. We also gave him slicked back hair and oiled up his body. We basically turned him from Mr Goodboy to Mr Badboy!”

4. Faye D’souza In Masaba Gupta

Usually giving us the news, Faye Dsouza has, in turn, become the talk of the town! The mommy-to-be looked absolutely radiant in her green outfit from the designer Masaba Gupta. This printed look certainly had a charm to it while still being super comfy. She accessorised this look with some statement gold pieces like earrings, a ring and a bracelet.

What the stylist has to say

“As Faye is pregnant, we wanted to keep her comfortable. Faye is usually seen in a formal and monotone look, so we wanted to break the mould and play around with vibrant colours and give her a print. We thought it would be really interesting to see Faye in something quirky and fun. Masaba felt like the perfect fit because she provides the comfort and quirkiness and vibrance that we wanted. We went with a printed, green dress and there’s a bow tied right above her tummy so it’s like a little present that’s on its way!”

5. Beyounick In Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna

Giving major Godfather vibes we have Beyounick in this all-black look from Rohit Gandhi & Rahul Khanna. Seeing this always jolly and entertaining comedian in a powerful and chic look was quite a change and I’m not complaining! From the sheer shirt to the cape jacket, this look just exuded confidence and looked super stylish altogether! The subtle black accessories like the ring and bracelet as well as the sliver chain added more character to this look.

What the stylist has to say

Beyounick presents himself in a more casual way, so we wanted to go with a more powerful Godfather look for him. Rohit and Rahul are known for their suits and they absolutely ace their suits! We gave him a really nice sheer shirt, with some interesting oversized pants, and we put a sleeveless coat on top and added a cape. We accessorised him with things that worked well with the shot.”

6. Sushant Divgikar (Rani KoHEnur) In Saisha Shinde

Rani KoHEnur shone brightly in a dress from Saisha Shinde as a queen rightly should. Both are powerful names in the LGBTQIA+ community and have quite the reputation of making statements, especially through their dressing sense! This heavily embellished, white gown with a sweetheart neckline was no less and certainly grabbed all the attention. However, the stars of the show were the pink accents with the giant, glittery bow and dramatic gloves!

What the stylist has to say

“We obviously love Rani! She’s so hot and glam, so we wanted a designer who resonates with her. Someone who was able to understand and cater to what we had in mind and Saisha absolutely understood that. Saisha made this beautifully embellished gown for Rani with a bow. She wanted to capture a very Marilyn Monroe vibe, so we gave her pink gloves and diamond jewellery. That was the whole vibe for Rani because we wanted her to look like the glam queen she is!”

What the designer has to say

“Sushant aka Rani KoHEnur has been my friend and my muse, I wanted to recreate the iconic “diamonds are a girl’s best friend” look by Marilyn Monroe for this shoot, give it my futuristic twist.”

7. Melvin Louis In Narendra Kumar

As you can see, this look by the designer Narendra Kumar sure does bring out the best in the talented Melvin Louis. This black and white comfy outfit emulates the dancer’s style perfectly while still adding a fashionable touch that spiced up the overall look. Also how cool is that mismatched sneaker style, with one black and one white? I for sure will be trying that style out!

What the stylist has to say

“We got Nari on board for Melvin as we were very well aware that Melvin is a dancer and he’s going to want to jump around and give interesting shots. So we wanted his clothes to be comfortable yet super stylish and statementy. We thought this was a perfect blend. We went with black and white jogger pants, a t-shirt and a black jacket. We decided to also give him one white high top and one black high top to give it that entire Yin and Yang feel.”

What the designer has to say

“This monochrome athleisure oversized look is from our collection ‘1984’ based on the book with the same name (about the politically dystopian world we live in). Had the pleasure of putting it together for Melvin. It features an oversized tee with our signature print 101 a looper knit oversized shirt and patchwork looper knit joggers.”

8. Carry Minati In Siddartha Tytler

Carry Minati looks all summer-ready in this look by Sid Tytler. He wore a fun and vibrant, printed co-ord set that gave off a serious beachy vibe and I’m loving it! Certainly has me longing for a vacation in some warm weather! He accessorised the look very minimally, with some necklaces and a bracelet that added character to the overall vibe. He also wore some pink sunnies that are to die for and I need them in my collection!

What the stylist has to say

“Carry is a very quintessential man and he doesn’t experiment a lot. So what we wanted is for him to look more casual and look more experimental for the shot. We went ahead with Sid Tytler because he has some really interesting loungewear and this shot was by the pool. He was in a flamingo pink shade which is very unlike Carry Minati. We also gave him bead accessories. I think it turned out to be a really beautiful shot and he was comfortable and happy.”

What the designer has to say

“The outfit does total justice to the name of the collection itself that is “Boys of Summer” and it truly invokes the feeling of comfort and coolness.”

9. Masoom Minawala In Pankaj & Nidhi

Masoom Minawala looked nothing short of glorious in this outstanding lehenga off the shelves of Pankaj & Nidhi. She certainly raised the temperature with this hot red, mermaid-cut lehenga with embellishments all over. What’s more, is that she also wore a magnificent cape that cascaded flawlessly down her back and gave her a regal look. Oh to be twirling around in this lehenga with the cape making me feel like superwoman, I could only imagine!

What the stylist has to say

“For Masoom we went with Pankaj & Nidhi. We went ahead with a red outfit, with the skirt and the bustier and a really grand cape because we wanted to give her a larger than life image. She’s at a bowling arcade, she’s standing in the heavily embellished red look, so it was very glam and that’s just the shot we wanted to get for her. We accessorised her with a pair of solitaires and let the outfit speak for herself.”

What the designer has to say

“Masoom is a fashion icon for today’s generation and we love how great she looks in this fiery red textured ensemble – with Daboo’s eye and MissMalini’s vision, this is an exciting one to watch out for in 2022.”

10. Malini Agarwal In Falguni & Shane Peacock

Malini’s marvellous look has left us completely speechless! The sexiness that she exudes while adorning this stunning dress from Falguni & Shane Peacock is out of this world! Hugging her in all the right places, this dress fit Malini like a glove and showed off her toned figure. The semi-sheer dress features a sweetheart neckline with patterned, geometric embellishments all over. However, the sexy thigh-high slit definitely stole the show!

What the stylist has to say

“Malini usually likes colourful dressing and wearing really vibrant things, so we wanted to shift away from that and put her in a really sexy thigh-slit, cut-out gown and we thought Falguni & Shane Peacock were perfect for that. They are known to be really edgy and really sexy at the same time and that’s precisely the vibe. We wanted to portray Malini in a kind of a really sexy boss lady vibe.”

11. Prajakta Koli In Tarun Tahiliani

Prajakta aka MostlySane looked like an absolute goddess in this shimmery number! This contemporary, draped dress worked absolute wonders for her and made her look like an elegant princess! The dress featured a daring cut out style at the top that spiced up the look and a glittery belt that cinched in her waist and accentuated her figure. To finish off the look she wore strappy gold heels that went perfectly!

What the stylist has to say

“Tarun apart from his fantastic and unbelievable Indian wear also has these really nice and elegant gowns. MostlySane is usually known for her quirky style so we thought Tarun would be a perfect fit because then we could put her in one of those graceful gowns and give her a really elegant and sexy look. That was the vibe that we were going for.”

12. Pooja Dhingra In Anamika Khanna

Pooja Dhingra looks incredibly stylish yet comfy in this kaftan style dress from Anamika Khanna‘s AK-OK line. The collar of the black dress is contrasting white and the neckline features some fun star-like embellishments! For accessories, she wore some classic, silver hoops and a pair of aviator-style sunglasses that reflected the lights around her and made this shot uber-cool!

What the stylist has to say

“For Pooja, we went with Anamika Khanna because she has really fun outfits at the moment with AK-OK and we kind of wanted to utilise that and keep that as the vibe. We went ahead with a black and white kaftan dress for her and we gave clear shades so that the beautiful light reflects on her face for the shot.”

What the designer has to say

“I think Pooja is just someone who is so true to what she does. She’s not afraid of being herself and doing what she loves. That’s what I believe in too when I think of AK-OK and she is just an embodiment of it.”

Check out @missmalini for more fun content with these incredibly talented creators as we have a lot of it just for you!

Source: MissMalini

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