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Giulia Raffaello: A Creator Who’s Winning Our Hearts With Her Cultural Content

One of the things that bring the world together today is social media. Digital platforms are successful in making things possible that no one could ever think of. Connecting cultures via content and promoting creators around the globe to experience and explore cultural diversity is exactly the story of Giulia Raffaello. Yes, you read it right, the Indian-Italian digital creator duo became a sensation. Scroll down, to know more about Giulia and her quirky content that has been winning hearts across cultures.

About Giulia Raffaello

Giulia Raffaello is an Italian YouTuber based in Berlin, Germany who has always been vocal about European and Indian cultures through her content. At the age of 9 itself she knew that one day she will explore and travel around the world to get inspired from different cultures. We have seen her embrace and enjoy these little adventures of cultural differences with full enthusiasm. Little did she know that while balancing her job and passion she would meet her future husband and the love of her life Shrey. Well, did you know that the Indian and Italian cultures are more similar than we all think? We bet after looking at Giulia’s content you will be convinced enough!

About Giulia Raffaello’s content

Giulia embarked on the journey of creating content a couple of years back when Shrey brought home some expensive vlogging equipments to encourage and support her to follow her dreams and passion. Today, she has more than 300k subscribers on her YouTube channel. We love how she takes us through her journey and captures all candid moments. But we have to confess that her content with her mother-in-law is most loved and natural. We love to watch their bubbly and energetic bond that is defo breaking many stereotypes. Tbh, we cannot wait to watch everything Giulia has in store for us!

Here’s what Giulia Raffaello has to say,

With an open mindset and an open heart, we can build a strong relationship crossing all barriers of language, religion and culture!

We absolutely love how Giulia didn’t let culture come in her way. We absolutely love how she is breaking stereotypes and creating such diverse content. Can’t wait for her to reach new heights and achieve many more milestones. On a side note, we hope that everyone is taking care of all the precautions and staying home.

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