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Haircuts That Work For Your Hair Type & Texture

Sure, it’s cool and cozy here in Mumbai but don’t let the fact that your frizz-free mane has been tamed for good… Because gurrrl, come that summer heat, and your natural hair will turn into a frizz-ball. We’ve all been there; where it even makes no sense to style it when the summer heat which is why the type of hair cut you get is so cruical. Below are a few tips for different types of hair textures and types.

For Thick, Curly Hair:

Tip: Try layering the hair with the right hair cut can really allow your strands to stay bouncy. The balance between the longer and shorter pieces will emphasise your natural texture of your curls and have you wearing them proudly (of course, with the right product use too!)

For Fine Hair:

Tip: For finer and thinner strands, try a bob cut, that ends at your jawline. Not only is it very Hailey Beiber-chic but by cutting it short and blunt it’ll help create less volume and prevent your hair from knotting. Also try angling the cut… Like a gradual bob if you’ve not got a balayage or any faded hair colour.

For Straight Hair:

Tip: If you have One of the luckiest shapes and textures out there! So definitely try soft curtain bangs it’s easy, effortless and French girl-inspired that helps frame the face even with high humidity levels during summer. It’s super trendy and easy to style as well!

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