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Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Shivani Bafna & Shyam Shah’s Big Fat Indian Wedding

This is honestly a special one and defo one of our faves. The most awaited wedding of the season, of one of our favorite couples, Shivani Bafna and Shyam Shah took place on the 25th of December 2021 and it was nothing less than a fairy tale. Shivani recently shared everything about the grand #BafnaShahdi and we’d be lying if we say we didn’t shed a tear or two. From the looks to the decor everything was just spot on and left us in complete awe of it all. So what are you waiting for? Start scrolling your way through the wedding tale right now.

Let the #BafnaShahdi shenanigans begin!

1. Proposal

Back to where it all began. Now if you have been using social media for a while then there is no way that you’ve missed out on this grand proposal.  Two years ago when Shyam went on his knees for his lady love in front of the Eiffel tower, the whole world watched it and couldn’t stop themselves from gushing over these two. And since then we began to wait for the magical wedding!

2. Ganesh Puja

Ganesh Puja was the first official event amongst all. This puja as Shivani explained is normally conducted for an obstacle-free wedding and for a beautiful prosperous marriage. She looked effortlessly beautiful in her green saree and tbh, this Reel just raised our curiosity for the whole event.

3. Mehendi

OMG, how gorgeous is that outfit! She looked insanely beautiful here and we just can’t seem to get our eyes off her. Did you know, this event took place at her nana-nani’s house and the backdrop was filled with her childhood pictures? We absolutely loved how the whole family made this Reel so beautiful and eventful.

4. Haldi

This video is so wholesome you guyss! We’re playing ‘Kabira‘ while watching it on a loop but you can’t really blame us! The entire family coming together to celebrate the love of two individuals, isn’t that just the most beautiful thing? Also, the last part of this video is making is want to apply a ‘virtual kaala teeka‘ to these two lovebirds.

5. Sangeet

This song has always been so much more than just a song. And these two dancing to it on their sangeet just made it even more special, haina? Also, can we just take a moment to appreciate how royal they look here! The whole video feels like a scene straight out of a Bollywood movie. Teel us if we’re wrong here.

6. ‘Shahdi’

Surreal! That’s all we have to say about this Reel. The whole wedding was just like a dream come true for Shivani. Ngl, the wait was worth the while, amirite? The most awaited wedding was all about things beautiful and royal and we are defo gonna take a while to get over it.

Honestly, we could just go on writing about their wedding, there was so much that happened and so much that made this wedding so much more memorable, but for now we would like to conclude by wishing the newlyweds a very happy and prosperous married life. On that note, we hope you guys are staying safe and getting yourselves vaccinated.

Source: MissMalini

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