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In Honour Of Veganuary, Here Are Our Favourite Vegan Skincare & Beauty Brands That Are Making A Difference

Gone are the days when we didn’t bother being more knowledgeable about how our fav beauty products were formulated. Chances are if you’re a full-fledged beauty geek like I am, you’ve tried to make a conscious effort to switch to the sustainable side of things. While we certainly agree that making the switch isn’t an easy task, it doesn’t have to be a difficult one too, don’t you think so?

So, we thought in honour of Veganuary we’d help you make a few sustainable choices when it comes to your regimes. Veganuary is a challenge that takes place in January every year and encourages individuals to try and adopt a vegan lifestyle. That’s why we’ve put together a list of our favourite vegan brands, that aren’t just kind to your skin and hair but also to our furry friends! Read on to find out more—

asa Beauty

If sustainable luxury beauty is what you love reaching out to from time to time, asa Beauty is your best pick. Elegant packaging that’s also refillable, yep, you read that right. They have refillable packaging, how cool is that? Keeping conscious awakening at the core of their beliefs, asa Beauty has nourishing makeup that includes lipsticks, powder foundations and mascara.

Conscious Chemist

Amalgamating chemicals and nature, and making it clear that these two work better together, Conscious Chemist gives birth to a perfect balance of botanical extracts and active ingredients. They focus on ingredient-based skincare with hyaluronic acid cleansers and salicylic acid serums.


By putting science at the centre stage, d’You aims to dispel rumours and misconceptions that are floating around in the world of skincare. A science-based approach that strives to give your skin the best of everything. The d’you hustle serum is a one-product solution to every skincare concern. It’s a microemulsion formulation that acts like your toner, essence AND serum. Yep, we’re stunned too!

Disguise Cosmetics

A homegrown beauty brand that has veganism at the core of all its beliefs, Disguise Cosmetics has been one of the very first brands to have been championing this cause. Right from lipsticks and kajal to eyeshadows and nail polishes, they house all of your makeup needs.

Elf Cosmetics

This brand needs no introduction, no? A household name when it comes to drugstore makeup, e.l.f Cosmetics has been a staple in every single makeup geek’s vanity. Practically offering every beauty product under the sun, right from varieties of primers and blushes to pigmented eyeshadows, e.l.f. Cosmetics is hitting it out of the park.

Fae Beauty

Fae Beauty stands for free and equal beauty. Rightfully termed, since this brand is always challenging the existing status quo in terms of beauty. They have a knack for multipurpose products that are hella easy to use. Whether that’s their mascara which doubles up as a brow product or their lipsticks which double up as blush and eyeshadow too.


Ethically innovative products that offer you the best of both worlds, skincare and makeup— that’s Ilana in a nutshell. “Superfood” products that have the sole aim of nourishing your skin, now that sounds quite appealing no? Ilana has a wide range of products from serums to cheek tints, that are infused with healthy ingredients like phyto probiotics and jojoba oil.

Milk Makeup

Everyone’s favourite rebellious beauty brand that’s all about living your look, that’s Milk Makeup. Eclectic products with unique formulations are what they’re all about. Bright coloured chalks that can be used as an eyeshadow or even on the lips and their refillable skin tints, Milk Makeup loves to inspire playfulness in beauty. And we love that!

Organic Riot

Wanting to empower every skincare enthusiast with all the knowledge they need to make the correct choices, Organic Riot is creating an honest movement. Ingredients that make their way onto your skin from all over the world, all of their products are formulated combining nature and science both.

Rare Beauty

If there’s one celebrity beauty brand that’s been creating massive ripples, it has to be Selena Gomez’ Rare Beauty. Don’t you think so? I mean, Instagram and Tiktok are flooded with raving reviews of their liquid blushes and their mascara. Quickly becoming a sensation all over the Internet, Rare Beauty is defo one of our favourites too.

The Switch Fix

Truly hitting the bullseye for every person that’s been wanting to make a conscious switch, The Switch Fix is a clean brand that has a fix for practically every haircare and skincare concern. Keeping sustainability at the forefront, their products ensure that your routines have a whopping 98% less plastic present in them and 100% no animal-derived ingredients.

Tinge Cosmetics

Who doesn’t love experiential beauty? We know we defo do. Tinge Cosmetics caters to each and every one of your beauty needs. Their customizable lippies are a hot favourite while their foundations and multi-shade sticks are a must-have.

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