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We’re Veri Obsessed With Veri Peri So Here’s Some Enchanting Beauty Inspo We Can’t Stop Looking At

Every year, we eagerly await Pantone’s announcement for the colour of the year. Well, in 2022 they did something uber-cool, not only did they announce an ethereal colour but they also specially created a shade for this program. Yup, you read that right. Veri Peri was announced as Pantone’s colour of the year for 2022. This dreamy hue is a crossover between soothing blues and thrilling violets. Who knew these 2 shades intertwining would give birth to a cool-toned purple that inspires serenity?

Pantone shared that Veri Peri is a colour created to put your confidence on a daring display and exude your intriguing energy. Nothing like a brand new colour to motivate you right at the start of 2022, no? God knows we all need that. It’s no secret that we happen to be quite mesmerised by Veri Peri and we’re defo making you hop on the bandwagon with us too. Here’s exactly what our mood board for this dreamy hue looks like–

With A Hint Of Vibrancy

How could Alexa Demie‘s iconic look from the first season of Euphoria not be a part of this? Usually, one would hesitate to pair a colour like Veri Peri with bright neon orange, but hey, we’re still pretty much in love with this look.

And It Was All Veri Peri

Making all our periwinkle, lilac and pink dreams come true, this one is defo a rather strong inspiration, don’t you think? There’s no rule that your colourful eyeshadow can’t match your equally colourful hair.

Graphic Eyeliner Galore

Yes, we’re all die-hard champions of the graphic eyeliner cause over here! Trust Rowi Singh to show us how to ace a Veri Peri eyeshadow base with a vivid yellow fiery eyeliner. What’s even better is the fact that her sunglasses, earrings and t-shirt match this, supaah cute!

Classic & Veri Dramatic

For far too long we’ve paired our dramatic winged eyeliner with a basic neutral shade, no? While browns and berries may be sultry and comfortable, nothing gives a more dreamy vibe than a lilac and periwinkle hue.

Nailed It

Is it really the colour of the year if there’s no nail inspo for it? Absolutely perfect just in time for the spring season, this soft Veri Peri design has made it to our saved folder when we get our nails done next.

Veri Bright & Veri Purple

Lately, we’ve seen everybody wanting to experiment with brighter hair colours, and we’re here for it! Nothing defines expressing yourself in the most liberating way possible than getting a game-changing hair makeover. And this shade is just the perfect pick!

Daring Peri

Some of us love the drama and the whole bold vibe, no? This slightly darker hue of Veri Peri is definitely something that gives in to this. I wouldn’t mind sporting this eyeshadow on an all-black ensemble.

Soft & Subtle

A softer shade of Veri Peri that seems to be on the pastel side of the colour wheel, this colour seems to have a whole ice princess thing going on, don’t you think so?

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