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With Retro Beauty Trends Making A Comeback, Here Are A Few We Wish Would Stay In The Past

If there’s a pattern to be followed with beauty trends lately, it’s how almost every trend is either a blast from the past or a modern rendition of a retro beauty trend. I’ve personally enjoyed the resurgence of lip gloss, colourful eyeshadow and bold blushes. However, this particular era was also synonymous with a plethora of beauty trends that we really hope, stay in the past.

Come on, do you really not remember the atrocious hairstyles with the swankiest hair clips and the most blotchy hair colours? Let us jog your memory, some of your favourite celebrities have committed the worst beauty faux pas throughout the years. Whether that was eyeshadow gone wrong or a few extra minutes spent in the tanning bed, we certainly haven’t forgotten these. As much as we enjoy seeing a modern play on retro trends, there are quite a few beauty trends we’d like bottled up in the past. Here are a few of them—

Overly Plucked Eyebrows

This trend has got to be on the top of this list. I have no idea why everyone, including celebrities, was so obsessed with over-plucking their brows till there was nothing but a faint line present. Bella Hadid has been spotted sporting these skinny brows off-late, and as much as we adore her beauty decisions, this one— not so much! It’s refreshing to see bushy and unkempt brows as compared to overly-tweezed ones, don’t you think? So do yourself a favour, and put those tweezers away, please!

Crimped Hair

The sentiment on this one is divided, we defo agree. Some of us loved it while some of us couldn’t stand it. But, think about it, do we really need another style that involves heat damage? We’ve already got our straighteners and curlers, so is an additional crimping tool really essential? NGL, crimping is a style that doesn’t seem to go well with a lot of outfits. We’d love for this one to stay back in the 90s!

Messy Blue Eyeshadow

While we’re absolutely living for the comeback of frosty and shiny lids, messy blue eyeshadow, not so much! We still wonder, why exactly was this particular hue a hot favourite at every red carpet back in the day? While seamlessly blending your eyeshadow to soften any sharp lines is an absolute must, let’s just say makeup enthusiasts back then kinda forgot this. We couldn’t possibly imagine donning a bright blue, right up to your eyebrows, could you? Hey, we love colours, just not ones that are shabbily applied. For now, our berries and browns are our besties!

Chunky Highlights

Like we said before, we don’t mind a 90s revival at all. But chunky highlights? God, nope. Let’s not shy away from accepting the fact that, we begged our parents to let us get these done, thankfully they didn’t agree. While highlights are a fabulous way of adding colour and definition to otherwise mundane hair, chunky highlights are a big no-no. Instead of looking smooth and soft, the colours end up looking like forced blocks. We don’t wanna end up looking like a colourful zebra now, do we?

Personally, I love a good ol’ natural tan from the warmth of the sun. It’s the perfect shade of golden and brown that makes your body glow, no? But do you remember the weird orange complexion most reality stars and celebrities had back then? Instead of having a warm, sun-kissed and bronzed effect, tanning yourself would often end up looking like you’ve had a dip in some orange paint. Uh-uh, we’re leaving that where it belongs, in the past! We’re perfectly happy with our tanning oils that impart a soft tan.

Puffed-Up Hair

OMG, we’re so certain that we weren’t the only ones who were willing victims of this massive hair faux pas. I vividly remember teachers at school often reprimanding us for sporting a puff with our ponytails. Most of us always had bobby pins with us at all times, just for this godforsaken hairstyle. Whether it was a sleek hairdo or a high ponytail, puffs were a staple. However, there’s no place for this hairstyle in the present, don’t you think so?

Vampy Lip Liner

There’s absolutely no denying that lipliners have been our faithful companions for achieving a juicy pout. But let’s take a small stroll down memory lane, shall we? The 90s were infamous for brown-hued and burgundy lips, and there’s nothing we don’t love about that. However, very often, dark lip liner was used to outline the lips and then it was filled in with gloss. Let’s be real, we’re not big fans of that at all.

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