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How many tablespoons in ½ cup

Are you excited to know how many tablespoons are in ½ a cup? The post brings you every detail and insight to get the correct answer to the query and also discusses some minute details about tablespoons and cups to understand them better.

Check out more conversions and different tablespoons to cups conversions below.


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Tablespoons and cups

Tablespoons and cups are two essential kitchen measuring tools to cook any recipe. These can sometimes create trouble if misused and give wrong results and recipe output if not used properly.

The tablespoon is a spoon commonly used to add a small number of ingredients, whether a liquid or a dry ingredient.

A tablespoon and teaspoon is a unit of volume measure generally used in the cooking and pharmaceutical sectors. 

For example, flour in a small quantity can be added using a tablespoon, but if the amount increases, we need to take the help of a cup.

A cup is a measuring container customarily used to measure liquid ingredients and is a unit to measure the volume of recipe ingredients.

The cup usually has markings of ounces and milliliters to help us convert well while cooking without any scale.

The marking makes us easy to calculate ingredient measures, but the problem begins when you need to convert those ingredients to tablespoons.

Therefore, let us check how to convert ½ cup into tablespoons with a simple formula and an easy way to remember it.


How many tablespoons is half a cup

Before answering how much a half cup holds in a tablespoon, let us understand a whole cup in terms of tablespoons.

A tablespoon is equal to 1/16 of a cup or equals 0.0625 cups.

A cup equals 16 tablespoons, and a cup is denoted by the symbol ‘c.’

1 US cup(cooking measuring cup) = 236.59 mL 

1 US cup = 16 US tablespoons 

1 tablespoon = 1/16 cup

1 tablespoon = 15 mL (in nutrition labelings)

A US legal cup equals about 240 mL and is used in nutrition labeling, and even this cup rounds to about 16 tablespoons.

1 US legal cup = 240 mL = 16.23 tablespoons (round it to 16 tbsp)

Check out the formula below.

Since 1 US cup = 16 US tbsp

Tablespoons = cups * 16

Therefore, to get tablespoons in a half cup, we get by using the above formula,

½ cup = ½ * 16 = 8 cups

Therefore, the answer to this simple confusing question on how many tablespoons in ½ a cup is 8 US tablespoons.

Thus, we can get the results for any cup value by using these simple formulas without a calculator or by remembering that half a cup equals eight tablespoons.

Table to convert US cups to tablespoons

US Cups US Tablespoons Milliliters(mL) Ounces(fl oz)

1 cup 16 tablespoons 236.59 mL 8 fl. oz 

½ cup 8 tablespoons 118.294 ml  4 fl. oz
US ½ cup to tablespoons

Where do we use a half cup in cooking?

In the recipe ingredients, we often encounter some ingredients such as butter, water, and sugar that often mention cups or tablespoons to represent them.

Sometimes, we may require converting them from tablespoons to cups or tablespoons.

If we know their conversions, we can calculate the cups and tablespoons in either way without confusion.

Using a measuring cup for liquid ingredients is better as that can give good results in measuring liquid substances. 

If you need to measure dry ingredients, do not use a cup or tablespoon, it is better to use a food scale to measure the weight of dry ingredients.

But sometimes, we may not see the weight of the ingredient in the recipe, but if it mentions cups or tablespoons, then these simple conversions come in handy.

How do we measure tablespoons in the Imperial system?

Do you think the answer remains the same for the Imperial system while converting the cups and tablespoons? No, it does not stay the same and has some variations; the values differ slightly for different systems’ cups.

Let us check them out below and understand how many tablespoons are in ½ 

1 US cup = 16 US tablespoons,

½ US cup = 8 tablespoons

1 US cup = 13.32 Imperial tablespoons

½ US cup = 6.66 Imperial tablespoons


1 Imperial cup = 284.1 mL

1 Imperial cup = 16 Imperial tablespoons,

½ Imperial cup = 8 Imperial tablespoons,

1 Imperial cup = 19.21 US tablespoons

½ Imperial cup = 9.60 US tablespoons

An imperial tablespoon is more prominent than a US tablespoon measurement; therefore, an Imperial tablespoon holds more volume in its single tablespoon. 

Therefore, when we convert a US cup to an Imperial tablespoon, the cups to tablespoons equal about 13.

Also, the US tablespoons hold less volume than Imperial tablespoons, which is why the US tablespoons are more while converting an Imperial cup to US tablespoons.

If you are in a country that uses the metric system, one metric cup equals 250 mL and about 16.91 US tablespoons.

Therefore, rounding it to 16 makes it easy to remember half cup values for metric and US customary systems, which comes to about eight(8) tablespoons.

Imperial cups are outdated, and no country currently uses cups in this system.

The United States uses US customary measurements to measure volumes where a cup equals 236.59 mL or approximately 237 ml, not Imperial cup measures.

Half cup to tablespoons in US customary and Imperial system

Cups US Tablespoons Imperial Tablespoons Milliliters(mL)

½ US cup 8 US tablespoons 6.66 Imperial tablespoons 118.29 mL

½ Imperial cup 9.60 US tablespoons 8 Imperial tablespoons 142.06 mL
cups to tablespoons in US and Imperial System

Do not confuse Imperial measures as they are to understand different systems.

The essential part here is to look at how much they measure for the US-based measurement system, as cups are highly used in US cooking, and other systems use other units.

Just remembering that half of a US cup equals 8 tablespoons gives a clear picture of adding ingredients to the cup, and we need approximate measures.

In contrast, cooking recipes in the kitchen do not need to be precise with decimal values.

Metric cups and US cups to tablespoons

In the above section in the data shared, we have seen how Imperial and US cups differ in tablespoons and their milliliter volume.

If you look at other countries, such as the UK, olden recipes mentioned Imperial cups(284.1 mL), but nowadays, they use measures equivalent to metric cups.

The UK and other countries like Australia and Canada also use metric cups.

In metrics, the volume holds 250 milliliters in a cup, unlike 236.59 milliliters in US cups.

If we try to convert metric cups into US tablespoons, they come to approximately 17(16.90) US tablespoons.

In both systems, what remains common is the volume of the tablespoon, where a tablespoon holds 15 mL in metric and US customary system as per nutrition labeling.

1 US cup = 236.59 ml 

1 US legal cup = 240 mL

1 metric cup = 250 mL.


Different systems measure differently, from cups to tablespoons; the only point to remember is how much they weigh for US customary systems.

For a US-based cup, half a cup equals 8 tablespoons, and 1 cup equals 16 tablespoons.

The post has highlighted cups and tablespoons measures for half cups, and for further queries, leave us your feedback and comment below.

Frequently asked questions

How many tablespoons in ½ cup of butter?

A half cup(½) of butter consists of 8 tablespoons, and 1 cup of butter contains 16 tablespoons.
Also, half a cup of butter equals one stick of butter, equal to one-fourth pound or four ounces and 113 grams.

How many tablespoons in ½ cup sugar?

Half a cup of sugar consists of 8 tablespoons, equal to about 100 grams.

Source: Yummy Indian Kitchen – Indian and International Recipes

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