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All-Female Full Bench hears cases at Kerala High Court on International Women’s Day 2022

With the elevation of Justice Sophy Thomas and CS Sudha in October 2021, the Kerala High Court currently has a total of 6 female judges out of a total 39 judges. This the highest number of sitting female judges that the High Court has ever had.

However, this is a mere 6.5% representation in a State which has consistently boasted of an over 50% female population in sharp contrast to the sex-ratio found in most other Indian States.

Speaking at the induction of the judges in October, Advocate General Gopalakrishna Kurup K was quick to point out that six female judges cannot be said to be reflective of the demographic proportion of the State.

“In a State where female infanticide is absent, where enrolment of girls in schools and colleges is near to total, if not total, and where women substantially find representation in public employment and that too in many instances outnumbering men, the fact that there are only six women judges in the High Court with only one among their ladyships directly elevated from the Bar, is definitely a matter for thought, if not of concern,” Kurup had said.

Source: Barandbench

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