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Bar and Bench Impact: After Supreme Court hearing, Nilgiris women lawyers allotted a toilet and two rooms

District Judge Abdul Khader handed over to the Women Lawyer’s Association of Nilgiris (WLAN), keys to two adjacent rooms (initially meant to house lawyers’ chambers) and one toilet in the adjoining corridor for their exclusive use.

The WLAN members said they accepted the rooms and the toilet with much “relief and gratitude to the Supreme Court.”

“We have accepted the rooms and the toilet and are very grateful to the Supreme Court. We have taken the keys and kept a table and some chairs, and some of our belongings inside,” one of the WLAN members told Bar & Bench.

Earlier today, the Supreme Court had referred to a Bar & Bench report on the plight of the women lawyers who have been fighting for a toilet in the court complex for nearly three decades.

This was during the hearing a plea by the WLAN alleging shrinkage of facilities for women in the new court complex

During the hearing, the Bench took into account the main demand of the women lawyers regarding the reduction in space of facilities allocated to them.

“Subsequent demands were made by certain women lawyers to have some basic facilities in the court complex and the main among them is the shrinking of space facilities allocated to them in new court complex. This was reflected in an online news report,” the Court had noted in its order.

It had, therefore, sought a detailed report from the Registrar General of the Madras High Court on the toilet facilities provided for women lawyers in the new combined court complex building.

Subsequently, the District Judge allotted the two rooms and toilet.

Source: Barandbench

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