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Bombay High Court orders ₹5 lakh compensation to woman who worked for 26 years without being regularised

In its order, the bench referred to the observations of the Supreme Court in People’s Union for Democratic Rights vs. Union of India, wherein it was held that no one would willingly supply labour or service to another for less than the minimum wage when he knows that under the law, he is entitled to get minimum wage for the labour or service provided by him. 

“Where a person is suffering from hunger or starvation, when he has no resources at all to fight disease or feed his wife and children or even to hide their nakedness, where utter grinding poverty has broken his back and reduced him to a state of helplessness and despair and where no other employment is available to alleviate the rigour of his poverty, he would have no choice but to accept any work that comes him way, even if the remuneration offered to him is less than the minimum wage,” the bench observed. 

The bench, therefore, ordered the State to pay ₹5 lakh as compensation. 

Source: Barandbench

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