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[BREAKING] Delhi Court orders CBI to withdraw Look Out Circular against Amnesty’s Aakar Patel in FCRA case

The Court, however, pondered that had the petitioner been a flight risk, he could have been arrested, or the CBI could have taken surety during the investigation.

I want to know the detailed reasons (for the LOC),” said the Magistrate during the hearing on Thursday morning.

The CBI however remarked in response, “We don’t have to give detailed reasons. There is a performa we give.”

Advocate Tanveer Ahmed Mir for Patel countered this argument.

Pre-formatted performa basis doesn’t work. The pre formatted passport no, photo, etc, what is the worthy material with investigating officer (IO) that Aakar Patel falls in an exceptional case?”

The CBI informed the Court that there was no provision to tell an accused that an LOC was issued.

₹26 crore is involved and the person is highly influential,” the CBI maintained.

The petitioner took the Court through the reply filed by the CBI and submitted that opening the LOC was in blatant violation of the Sumer Singh Salkan v Asst. Director case.

Source: Barandbench

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