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[Bulli Bai case] Bail hearing of accused Vishal Jha adjourned after Investigation Officer tests positive for COVID

Jha in his bail plea has contended that he was falsely implicated in the case and denied having committed any offence.

He submitted that the prosecution has not alleged that Jha was one of the users of the twitter handles @bullibai, @ Sageox11, @hmmachaniceoki, @jattkhalsa7 and @wannabesigmaf which were allegedly involved in the case or was one of the creators of the Bulli Bai app.

He was accused of being user of twitter account by the name – @khalsa but he has claimed that the prosecution failed to make out a case that this account had been used to malign the image of the complainant or any other women.

The agency was already seized of one laptop, one mobile phone and 2 sim cards from him, and hence he was not in a position to tamper with those articles which could be possible evidence, it was contended.

Jha further submitted that the main accused was a resident of Delhi and the other accused were from different states.

His contention was that he was in no manner associated or known to the other accused persons and hence there was no intent to commit the offence.

Jha also pointed out that he had no criminal antecedents and highlighted that the offences alleged against him were punishable with less than 3 years of sentence.

“Incarceration in the present case is unwarranted to avoid pre-judicial sentence,” Jha emphasized in his plea.

Jha also told the Court that he was en engineering student and had excelled with flying colours in academics. He showed his willingness to furnish a proper security and abide by all the conditions put forth by the Court.

Source: Barandbench

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