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Call for Papers: International Journal for Research in Law & Legal Procedures [IJRLLP, Vol I, Issue I ]: Submit by May 15

About the Journal

The ‘International Journal for Research in Law and Legal Procedures’ (IJRLLP) is an open accessed, qualitatively reviewed and high-grade resource arena dedicated specifically towards the publication of prominent research papers & articles biannually and thereby clustering them on a wide-ranging landscape of emerging National as well as international legal issues and thereby prospering the balance of overall laws and legal scenarios around the globe within one legal sphere.

Who can Submit?

IJRLLP plans to encourage law students, educators, and researchers to compose papers on different contemporary issues and capture the recent drifts in law. IJRLLP welcomes articles, short notes, book reviews, and case commentaries for its forthcoming issue.

IJRLLP provides a platform for the trading of thoughts and helpful discussions on legitimate issues encompassing knowledge exchange, conditions, and advancement of legal procedures around the globe and its comprehensive study.

Types of Submissions Accepted

IJRLLP welcomes original and unpublished articles, short notes, book reviews, and case commentaries for its forthcoming issue under the following categories:

  • Short Notes(1500-2000 words, including footnotes)
  • Long Articles(4000-9000 words, including footnotes)
  • Book Reviews: (2000-3000 words, including footnotes)
  • Case Commentaries: (2000-2500 words, including footnotes)

General Instructions

  •  Authors shall provide an abstract in not less than ‘250 words‘ explaining the context of their script. Formatted in ‘Italics‘, the abstract shall be executed as a single paragraph.
  • A list of ‘07 to 10 keywords‘ shall be provided by the authors for indexing purposes. The keywords should be wisely picked up for gaining a better reach.
  • Authors & Co-authors shall provide their full name along with their communication details mentioned on the title page itself.
  •   IJRLLP follows the ‘OSCOLA’ Referencing style (4th edition) of citing references. Authors shall under all circumstances attempt referencing every cited text in the script. 
  • IJRLLP under any circumstances shall not tolerate plagiarised data to be forwarded for final submission in its online portal. It shall be the duty of the editors to review the script for any plagiarised content and if found, the same shall be communicated to the author for their final review.
  •  IJRLLP ‘does not charge’ any publication fee in respect of processing the publication of scripts/research papers at its online depository. 
  • The complete script (which also includes footnotes/endnotes) shall be typed in English language (Font style-Bookman Old Style; Font size- 13). The scripts shall be formatted to A4 page ‘standard size‘ and the contents shall be orderly managed in the following structure namely: a. Title Pageb. Abstractc. Index (topics & subtopics)d. Introductione. Conclusion

Submission Guidelines

The guidelines for publication must be strictly followed. The guidelines for publication to Journal can be accessed at

How to Submit?

IJRLLP will only accept submissions through the google form link provided at the end of this post.

Authors Desk:

IJRLLP Downloads:

Contacting Link:

Submission Link:

Submission Deadline

Submission for Volume I, Issue I will be accepted till May 15, 2022.


  1. No fee is being charged at any stage, viz. submission, processing, or publication.
  2. In response to the successful acceptance of publication with IJRLLP, the author(s) shall be awarded a ‘Certificate of Publication’ that shall be couriered at their respective communication addresses. IJRLLP seeks in the future to land in the arena of offline publications as well which shall be awarded to the authors free of cost.
  3. IJRLLP shall stand as a ‘Bi-annual journal’ which means that it shall be available for publication two times a year.  
  4. IJRLLP shall proceed to get its ‘International Standard Serial Number’ registered after the publication of its very first issue which shall be announced soon.
  5. The ‘International Journal for Research in Law and Legal Procedures’ (IJRLLP) shall be considered to hold all rights concerning the submitted scripts by the concerned authors. IJRLLP is an open-accessed resource arena where everyone from around the world shall be free to read and download the articles.

Contact Information

All correspondence and queries may be addressed to:

IJRLLP Website Link:

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