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Character certificate of few with ostrich mindset should not be used to decide character of woman: Chhattisgarh High Court

The appellant wife had moved an appeal against the order of the family court, claiming that there was nothing on record except bald statements assassinating her character.

However, counsel for the husband said that the order was well-merited. The husband and witnesses on his behalf stated that the wife consumed liquor in the company of others, had Gutkha and even smoked cigarettes.

It was further stated that she worked with one Vivek Sharma and used to travel with him for her job to different places. It was stated that she had lost her character and used to keep company of men, which was against morals. She was even described by them as a “female don”.

This witness further stated that the day the child comes to know of the mother’s character, he would become demoralized and become a pervert.

In response to this, the appellant and witnesses on her behalf submitted that since there were no female employees at her workplace, she had to travel to the field on the motorcycle or in the car with the contractor.

Source: Barandbench

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