Consider exempting temples with less than ₹5 lakh annual income from contributions to Endowment department: Andhra Pradesh High Court

The Court also discussed the statistics provided by the petitioner that reflected that there were 1,440 temples with income between ₹2 lakh and ₹5 lakh which were paying between ₹37,000 and ₹92,500 every year to the endowments department as mandatory contributions.

“By way of an example, if we were to take the case of a temple having an annual income of ₹2,00,001, the temple would have to pay ₹37,000 to the endowments department. This would leave an amount of ₹1, 63,000 in the hands of the temple to defray it‟s entire annual expenditure. The minimum staff needed for a temple would be an Archaka, a watchman and a sweeper/cleaning person. Apart from this the expenditure for Dhupa, Deepa Naivedyam would also have to be met. In today‟s world, such an amount is clearly inadequate,” the Court said.

Thus, the burden on temples having an income of less than ₹5 lakh should be reduced, the Court opined.

Source: Barandbench