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Consumer court orders ₹25k compensation to man who sued Kerala Matrimony over failure to find a bride

Before the consumer court, Kerala Matrimony countered that the complainant was enrolled in their classic package, which allowed access to multiple profiles and communication features.

It argued that its role was confined to being an intermediary and providing access to information regarding prospective matches on its system. This information is uploaded by the customers themselves, and Kerala Matrimony has no role to play beyond giving access to such information, it was contended.

It further submitted that the complainant, in this case, had access to a number of profiles and was allowed to contact 50 numbers associated with such profiles, to explore if a partner could be found among them.

The company insisted that it had communicated these terms and conditions clearly to the complainant.

It was asserted that Kerala Matrimony had not stated anywhere that they would arrange the marriage for the complainant, nor could he show any proof of such a guarantee.

Source: Barandbench

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