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[COVID-19] Ex-gratia claims filed via offline mode should not be kept pending: Bombay High Court

On Monday, Additional Government Pleader Poornima Kantharia informed the Court that:

  • They had received a total of 114 applications physically or by post;

  • 54 such applicants had been contacted by officials for assistance;

  • 14 such applicants could not be traced band hence the State was unable to assist them with the online method of applying.

Advocate Sumedha Rao appearing for the petitioner trust, Prameya Welfare Foundation, contended that the claimants were mostly slum-dwellers who were not adept at filing claims and annexing documents online.

She claimed that there had been a delay in opening the portal, and almost 50 people had already applied for it before the portal went live.

“Let the State not delay payment for those who applied physically before the portal was formed,” she submitted.

Kantharia replied that the online portal had been formulated as per order of the Supreme Court to benefit the applicants.

She stated that online portals were easier for the applicants, and easier for the State to streamline.

Source: Barandbench

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