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[DRAT vacancy] “We read current budget is booster for economy; where is booster for judiciary?” Bombay High Court

A Bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Datta and MS Karnik said that it had in its earlier orders expressed dismay at the post lying vacant while remarking that it needs to know about the progress made.

The Court also made a passing query as to how much attention the union budget made for judiciary.

“We read that the current budget is booster for economy, where is booster for judiciary?” the Bench demanded.

The Court emphasised that DRAT is an important institution for a city like Mumbai which is the financial capital of the country.

“Please convey the concern of the court to the officer. If by next Thursday if we do not get a proper picture, we may have to think otherwise. On the one hand, we want to boost the economy and on the other hand we are not letting banks recover money,” the Court remarked.

This is the financial capital, commercial matters have to be taken into consideration, the Bench added.

The Bench was miffed by the fact that the High Court was being forced to hear matters which should have been heard by DRAT as per the law.

“We are doing the function of DRAT.. We are tired of the adjectives being used like “due diligence”.. What “due diligence” is being done,” the Court asked.

Source: Barandbench

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