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How to Crack the English Section in CLAT 2022: Top Tips

The Reading comprehension or the English section is an important part of the CLAT and other law entrance exams. It forms a foundation to all your other sections and has quite the weightage in the exam. In this article we discuss how to crack the English Section in CLAT. Also, learn how to answer Reading Comprehension questions in law entrance exams. So let’s break down the section!

The section often has 28-32 questions, or forms roughly 20% of the paper in CLAT. While the section comprises of 35 questions for the AILET. The AILET English section has a mix-bag of questions ranging from vocabulary to one liner grammar questions. On the other hand, CLAT incorporates these types of questions within its passages itself.

As per the consortium website, the passages would comprise of around 450 words each which are to be derived from contemporary or historically significant fiction and non-fiction writing, that a 12th standard student may be able to read in about 5-7 minutes.

Each passage will be followed by a series of questions that will require you to demonstrate your comprehension and language skills, including your abilities to:

  • Read and comprehend the main point discussed in the passage, as well as any arguments and viewpoints discussed or set out in the passage.
  • Draw inferences and conclusions based on the passage;
  • Summarise the passage;
  • Compare and contrast the different arguments or viewpoints set out in the passage; and
  • Understand the meaning of various words and phrases used in the passage.

Here are some basic tips to start your preparation for the English Section:

1. Read the Editorial (From a good newspaper):

No aspirant can be told this enough, breaking down the editorial from a great newspaper including The Hindu or The Indian express are quintessential to your preparation. I understand, it is certainly frustrating at first.

To read 700 words on a topic you have absolutely no interest in, or no knowledge about, while at the same time having to constantly refer to the meaning of words is no doubt a gruelling process.

Start with the topics that interest you, underline words you don’t understand and stick to the journey. Within no time it’ll be the most cherished part of your preparation.

2. Word Power Made Easy

As an aspirant, I experimented with a ton of vocabulary books, but nothing was as interesting and efficient as Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis.

Spend 10-15 minutes a day (at the very least) and slowly, but surely you will see progress. The more you read, the easier this section will get.

3. Practice! Practice! Practice!

It’s no secret that to crack CLAT, this is your only mantra. Pick up sectional tests every day. Make your weakest section your favourite one. Often times, aspirants run away from the section that scares them the most, but it’s important that you remember that the only way to conquer the section, is by repeatedly doing it.

You will begin to notice that the same pattern of questions recur for a passage on the environment, and before you know it, English will be your highest scoring section.

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Source: Lawctopus

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