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Husband not liable under Section 377 IPC for unnatural sex with wife: Madhya Pradesh High Court quashes FIR against MLA Umang Singhar

The Court also commented that if procreation is viewed as the only purpose of sexual relations between spouses, then a marital relationship would be reduced to being useless if the spouses are unable to procreate.

“If sexual intercourse for procreation via penile-vaginal penetrative intercourse is considered to be natural sex and sexual relations of husband and wife is confined to that extent then in case if any husband or wife is not capable of procreation, then seemingly their relationship would become useless, but it does not happen. The conjugal relationship between husband wife includes love that has intimacy, compassion and sacrifice, although it is difficult to understand the emotions of husband and wife who share intimate bond, but sexual pleasure is integral part of their relentless bonding with each other,” the Court said.

Source: Barandbench

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