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Indian Constitution secular but not atheist or agnostic: Kerala High Court judge Justice Devan Ramachandran

He said that knowing and understanding the Constitution is both the greatest weapon and greatest shield available to citizens.

“The reason that we are not understanding who are we and what we are is that we don’t understand our Constitution. Constitution is our own being. The Constitution is our greatest weapon, the greatest shield Constitution against anything that you perceive to be illegal or unlawful. We can’t live as an Indian who forgets the Constitution,” he said.

Pointing out that the people themselves are the sovereign, Justice Ramachandran stressed that public officers should work for the people with consciousness and morality of the Constitution.

“We are the sovereign; we are ruling ourselves and the leaders are the ones we choose. There is no difference being the Central and State government as long as a citizen is concerned because both of these are the representatives we have chosen. There wont be a conflict if we think in this sense. When our representatives do things for us, there is no need to praise them as if they have done a big thing for us. Please understand nobody does anything for you, you do it for yourself, it is a collective consciousness that is now in operation. The public officer should not have a consciousness and morality of the Constitution and not his own,” Justice Ramachandran said.

Source: Barandbench

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