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Infrastructure projects required, but ecology also needs to be taken care of: Goa Advocate General Devidas Pangam

DP: Society, by itself, is a balancing factor. There are different interests, contradicting interests. They fight and ultimately what comes out of that tussle is the best for the society.

So democracy is based on this principle that there are two contradictory views and they pull against each other. That is the theme and principle on which democracy works. You require somebody to oppose you and require somebody to support a particular point of view. That’s when you get the best.

It is always good even with respect to any project, etc. Opposition also, but not for the sake of opposition, but on some principles.

For example, the (Mopa) airport. If you ask me, it is indispensable. Whatever precautions, restrictions have to be taken, have to be taken…But it can’t be like at whatever cost I want to block this project; it is not the correct approach, if you ask me.

When it comes to infrastructural projects, they are required, but we have to take care of the ecology also. There is no doubt about it and we have to consider the point of view of the other side also, and based on that, we should come to a correct conclusion in the interest of the society.

Source: Barandbench

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