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Internship Experience at Adv. Vijay Saraf, District and Sessions Court, Raigarh: Witnessed Court Functioning

Name of the Student

Kajal Agrawal

College and Year of Study

Amity University (Amity Law School), Raipur, 1st year

Name and Address of the Organization

Advocate Vijay Saraf, District and Sessions Court, Raigarh (C.G.), Besides Collectorate, near the marine drive

Duration of Internship

1 month; 1st July To 31st July

How did you Apply?

There is not any elaborate application procedure to intern under a district court you just need to visit the advocate and have a conversation with him/her and you can start the internship the next day, and the same procedure was applicable to me as well.

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I actually came to know about him through my father after which we just met him and I started my internship.  

First Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

To be really honest I was not that nervous on my first day rather I was very excited to actually see how a court functions. As soon as I entered the court at the first glimpse all I could see were people moving around in black and white uniforms with big case files in their hands.

Although it was a little awkward for a few days and difficult to understand the languages of the court as there is the usage of full Hindi words which makes it a little difficult to understand but once I started to learn then it came easy.

On the very first day, I visited the first court which was the ADJ court and met my seniors and had a conversation with them pretending to be really great conversationalists. 

The court was really having a good management system with the division of different courts according to their cases in addition to the fact that it was huge and spacious concerning the fact that hundreds of people used to come every day to seek justice.

Main Tasks

There was not any exhaustive task assigned to me as it was done by the senior’s junior advocates who worked under him but then also a few small works like getting notary done, submitting applications in different offices, and getting new dates from different courts were only the works that were given to me and apart from this to read the case files, attending the hearings were the regular tasks that I did. 

Work Environment

The atmosphere was good I will not say that it was bad it’s just the case that helpfulness always arises when you are willing to undertake anything and just the same happened to me which not only gave me knowledge but a lesson as well that how is should work in the future.

Within the first week of my internship, I interacted with a lot of advocates apart from the one I was interning under it just helped to gain more experiences and ideas with different views.

The seniors were actually really friendly with me, especially one of the advocates I interacted with so it was not very difficult to work there.

Good things

There was a good friendly nature of the advocates in the court. A really nice initiative for the students who come to intern was the library which can be good as a source of learning for them.

Bad things

Looking to the negative side is that one has to be self-confident for their learning one thing I noticed is that there is nothing that the advocates will tell you by themselves it needs your eagerness as to how much you have to learn.

So, I always asked about every problem at every point of time when I felt like I didn’t understand anything and noted it in my diary to use in my reports and it used to be really helpful.

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