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Internship Experience at CV Law Chambers, Hyderabad: Enriching Experience and Work Culture

Name of the Student

Keerthi Gorthy

College and Year of Study

Symbiosis Law School Pune, 2nd-year.

Name and Address of the Organization

CV Law Chambers, 11-5-397/1, Red Hills, Lakdikapul, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500004.

Duration of Internship and Timings

CV Law Chambers is functioning from Monday to Saturday. Usually, Saturday is a half day.
Interns are expected to report at 8 AM at the office, and the day stretches till work is completed.

How did you Apply?

Any aspiring intern may send an application of their preferred time period to Vikram Sir’s mail ID- One must draft a short but appealing cover letter and attach their CV
to the internship application mail.

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As Vikram sir receives several internship applications every month, your application needs to stand out, if you intend to be selected.

First-Day Formalities, Infrastructure, First Impression

The Office is situated on the third floor of the building. As instructed, I reported to the office by 8 am on the first day and, entering the third floor it is noticed that the office extends to the two

flats, covering the entire floor. It was a well-equipped and elegant-looking office, that had a positive and motivational aura to it. On my first day, Hyderabad was extremely sombre and flooded because of heavy rains. But at 9 AM sharp, Vikram sir entered the office with an energy that outshined the gloominess the day had till then.

He greeted all the associates and came to me and another intern and has given a firm handshake to both of us. I learned that another intern along with me has previously worked with Vikram sir, and he is
here again. A few associates and interns accompany Vikram sir to High Court (a typical day).

We were asked to look at the cause list and report at the courtrooms as per the closest hearing case at hand. We were expected to listen keenly to the arguments presented and make notes as per our

During a short interval between hearings, Vikram sir called me and we had an extended conversation about some basic questions like why I am pursuing law, my areas of interest, and my extracurricular and
sporting interests. He also complimented me that I had a very enthralling Cover Letter, and also having submitted a few of my research papers to an associate as a part of my selection process, he noted that I had a talent for expressing meticulously through words.

Following this conversation, he has given me an upcoming case file and asked me to write arguments for that case. After finishing the assigned work, I reported it to Vikram sir, and he duly read everything
and asked me to add certain things.

After returning from the court, Vikram sir assigned me certain topics for some upcoming cases at hand and asked me to do some extensive research on them and submit it to him. The day ended after I finished the work, and it was a fulfilling first day for me.

Main Tasks

Throughout my internship, I was assigned to do extensive research on varied facets of law like the Prevention of Money Laundering Act, 2002, Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code, 2016, Indian Contract Act, 1872, Arbitration and Conciliation Act, 1996, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, Limitation Act, 1963, Look-Out Circular Guidelines and the Reserve Bank of India’s guidelines on Wilful Defaulters.

My research work was relevant to the issues of the cases at hand, and we were expected to study the applicable laws further and submit our findings. Apart from the research work, I was also assigned to draft writ petitions, affidavits, and settlement agreements and write case briefs for several cases.

At times we were made to sit in the client meetings to make notes and also put across inputs if we had any knowledge of any specific aspect of law from the research we were asked to carry out.

Good things

I believe myself to be extremely privileged to have had my first internship done under him, he is a very good lawyer and overall experience under him has helped me gain a good understanding of this field.

Working as an intern, I had the opportunity to see his daily conduct at the office and in court, and I was able to fathom why he is such a successful lawyer. Apart from gaining work experience, I believe all interns primarily aspire to work under busy advocates to observe why and how they are so successful. Sir is the best example of a successful lawyer, and it is a privilege to get an opportunity to work under him.

Vikram sir’s finesse is also seen in the kind of lawyers he has chosen to work under him. All the associates at CV Law Chambers are undisputedly remarkable; they all justify the tag of ‘Vikram sir’s juniors’ by being highly talented and dedicated to excelling in this field. They contribute to the motivating atmosphere at the firm, making the interns also yearn to work to their best capacity.

One of the best things about working under him would be the fact that he himself directly supervises us, and our work is directly reported to him; thereby, any correction, suggestion and validation is from him. This instils the intern with true feedback, and it is of a very high value as it is directly coming from Vikram Pooserla sir himself.


Vikram Pooserla sir is quite generous in rewarding his interns, given that they have worked hard and contributed to the work at his firm.

Anything else?

A legal internship under Adv Vikram Pooserla is recommended to any law student looking for serious work and wholesome corporate, and commercial litigation experience in Hyderabad.

I have learnt innumerable things working under him about the field of law. To date, I am surprised to acknowledge the amount of work I have done whilst working under him.

Working under him has pushed my spirit and limits more than I believed I was capable of. Furthermore, I will forever be grateful for all the motivation and career guidance I received from him. He also gifted me a book at the end of my internship that had some of the most valuable teachings I have ever come across.

On the whole, my experience at CV Law Chambers was an enriching one as I had the opportunity to learn a lot and also get acquainted with the work culture of a successfully functioning lawyer and his team of juniors at his chambers.

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