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Internship Experience at Vishnu Sharma & Associates: Learnings in Litigation

Name of the intern

Jai Khurana

Name of your college

Vivekananda Institute of Professional Studies

Name of the course and year of study

BB.A LL.B and 3rd year

Name and address of the organisation

Vishnu Sharma & Associates, 101, Himland House, Karampura, Moti Nagar, Delhi – 110015. 

Duration of internship

From: 09/08/2021 Till: 08/10/2021

How did you apply for the internship?

I reached out to Mr. Vishnu Sharma (Partner of Vishnu Sharma & Associates) via visiting him in the office.

I showed interest to intern under his esteemed guidance to which he humbly agreed.

First day formalities, infrastructure, first impression

It being my first litigation in-office internship, I was not very sure what to expect so I just got ready and reached the office at 9:00 am sharp.

Due to matters in court, sir was not present in the office.

I had an interaction with the office clerk who guided me to my desk and asked me to wait.

Later on, he asked whether I had some legal knowledge to which I affirmed.

So, he gave me the work in a file. The work included reading, sorting and scanning documents.

Moreover, the infrastructure was very much satisfactory as the office had all the basic amenities required by the employees.

Later on in the day, sir reached the office and asked us to come into his closed chamber from where he keeps a watch and checks all the work.

I was hesitant at first but sir was kind enough to make me feel comfortable.

He just asked me some basic legal questions to which I failed to satisfy him with the answers.

He still smiled and welcomed me to his office and asked me to get the most out of the experience.

Main Tasks

In the office, interns are treated equally with the employees.  And work is given to the person with capabilities.

I was appointed for file sorting and drafting replies to the legal notices, applications, etc.

Work Environment

The work environment was quite professional in a healthy way.

The seniors were open to sharing their experience, good or bad so that interns could learn and don’t repeat the same mistakes.

There is a conference room in the office where all the employees and interns sit together to have lunch and talk.

Good Things

1. Learning opportunities are present at a great level. Since sir himself guides us till the very end.

2. The staff of the office including the seniors to clerks – were quite warm and welcoming in case of any trouble faced personally or professionally.

Bad things

Sir being the co-chairman of BCD, doesn’t give much advice on how the matters should be done and major things have to be decided by oneself.

Though, if sir doesn’t like the work, it leads to a scolding session. Other than this, there was nothing bad and everything went smoothly.



Details about accommodation and commute

Staying just 6 km from the office, I was open to using any mode of transport. This included buses, cabs, metro or personal vehicles.

Anything else?

Well, the office environment is cool enough and it is you who has to decide whether to work or just have a gala time.

I personally used to do most of the work in the first 4 hours and then had lunch with the other staff members.

After that we used to go downstairs to have cold drinks or tea. Coming back, I used to complete the pending work, and thus major work ended till 4:30 P.M.

Being just a newbie in the field, this internship helped me a lot as I learned with the hand-on experience on legal tasks and court proceedings.

This internship also helped me personally to learn professional work ethics and know-how to even deal with clients.

From a person who didn’t know how to find a cause list to personally drafting legal matters, the internship has played a major role and I can’t thank Mr. Vishnu sir for the guidance.


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