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Jain bodies move Bombay High Court seeking ban on advertisement of non-vegetarian food/ products

The petitioners claimed that the advertisements are not only disturbing and causing harassment to the people who believe in being vegetarian, but also infringe on their fundamental right of privacy.

In this regard, the plea cited Article 51A (g) of the Constitution which bats for compassion towards living creatures as one of the fundamental duties.

However, advertisements of meat products are promoting and expressing cruelty towards the living creatures, the petition said.

“It is the fundamental right of everyone in this country to live with human dignity free from exploitation, however, the impugned advertisements exploit the mind of children and youngsters by provoking, promoting and intimidating to consume non-vegetarian foods,” the plea highlighted.

There is already ban on advertising alcohol and cigarettes by government and similar to alcohol and cigarette, non-vegetarian foods are not healthy, causes damage to environment and instigates youngsters to consume them, the petitioners contended.

The plea clarified that they are not opposed to the sale or consumption of such food and their plea is only against advertisement of such items.

Source: Barandbench

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