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Jammu & Kashmir Court releases man sent to jail 21 years ago for failing to furnish bail bond

Jai Parkash was booked by Jammu & Kashmir Police in 2000 for allegedly committing offenses that are punishable under the provisions of the Arms Act. The said offences are bailable in nature.

After investigation, the charge-sheet was laid before the City Judge and it was clearly indicated in the charge-sheet that the person booked for the offence appears to be a “lunatic”.

Subsequently, in January 2002, the judge sent Parkash to judicial Lockup in default of furnishing the bail bonds. The Superintendent of the jail to which he was sent was directed to get the accused medically examined.

Another order was also passed by the judge in May 2002 in which it was noted that Head of the Psychiartry Department of the Government Medical College, Jammu, had reported that the accused was suffering from chronic mental illness.

Thereafter, the judge had directed that the accused be admitted for his treatment to Psychiatric Hospital and Superintendent, District Jail was asked to do the needful.

Source: Barandbench

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