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Kerala Bar Council notice to me gives licence to junior lawyers to threaten, yell at seniors in court: Advocate BA Aloor

The BCK had recently sent show cause notice to Aloor and his associate lawyers for alleged violation of Standards of Professional Conduct and Etiquette during the court proceedings in a gang rape case in Kochi.

The notice stated that the BCK came to know through various media reports that Aloor had violated the Bar Council of India Rules by creating dramatic scenes in open court and obstructing proceedings by appearing without a vakalat or even the authorization of the accused.

At the press meet, Aloor said that he understood from sources that it was the Ernakulam Bar Association that filed this complaint before the BCK.

He claimed that it was the lawyer with whom he had an altercation who did not have the vakalat

He also said that it was another lawyer, a junior, who initiated the row inside the courtroom.

Sending him the notice will only give junior lawyers a license to disrespect senior lawyers in court, Aloor said.

“This notice seems to give license to junior advocates to threaten and yell at senior advocates in courts. If this is what Bar Council and Bar Association is aiming for, then senior advocates will find it difficult to appear in court,” Aloor stated.

He said that he himself had appeared for and against other lawyers who were involved in professional misconduct cases.

However, he alleged that persons with some personal vendetta against him had given wrong information to the BCK and to some news channels as well. He will now be taking legal action against the unnamed individuals, the BCK and the Ernakulam Bar association, he said.

“If an advocate in a Bar Association does something wrong, it is necessary that action should be taken against him. I myself have appeared for and against advocates in professional misconduct cases. Recently also, a client approached me stating than advocate has done professional misconduct and therefore, file a case against him. So taking action on advocates for professional misconduct can be seen as a right legal action but unlike in my case where I was purposefully tarnished. I will move legally against Bar Council, Bar Association and those who are trying to tarnish me,” Aloor said.

Source: Barandbench

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