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Lawctopus Partners with Manupatra to Offer Access to Manupatra and ManuContract


Lawctopus is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Manupatra, India’s leading legal research platform, to enhance the learning experience for students enrolled in Lawctopus Law School (LLS).

This collaboration, formalized through a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU), grants students two months of complimentary access to Manupatra and ManuContract, industry-defining tools that will significantly bolster their legal education.

Free Access to Manupatra for 2 Months

Students enrolled in the Legal Research and Writing; and Mooting courses at Lawctopus Law School will now have free access to Manupatra for the duration of their courses.

This access allows students to engage deeply with India’s most trusted legal research tool, enhancing their ability to conduct advanced legal research and develop critical writing skills.

Advancing Contract Management Skills with ManuContract

For students taking the Contract Drafting & Negotiation and Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) courses, two months of free access to ManuContract is now available.

As CLM skills become increasingly vital in the legal field, students will benefit from hands-on experience with one of the market’s top CLM tools, preparing them to excel in managing complex contract processes.

Webinars and Continued Learning

In addition to these resources, Lawctopus and Manupatra plan to conduct regular webinars for both Lawctopus Law School students and the broader legal community.

These webinars will cover essential topics such as advanced legal research techniques using Manupatra and effective contract lifecycle management with ManuContract.

Lawctopus-hosted webinars are highly anticipated, typically attracting over 1,000 registrations and engaging more than 250 attendees.

A Larger Purpose: Bridging Theory and Practice

This partnership underscores Lawctopus’s commitment to become the law school India has always wanted, online! We are bridging the gap between theoretical learning and practical application, an oft-repeated lament that has gone without adequate solutions till now!

By providing access to cutting-edge legal tools and expert-led webinars, we aim to cultivate legal professionals who are job-ready, ethically robust, rigorous in their work, and caring in their approach.

Source: Lawctopus