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Madras High Court directs four youth to clean classrooms and write on Gandhi, Kamaraj, Dr. Kalam as conditions for anticipatory bail

The judge directed all the four accused persons, who were students of Class XII at the time of the incident, to furnish bail bond of ₹1,000 each and to clean at least four classrooms of the Montford Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School in Yercaud where they had been studying at the time of the incident.

“Accordingly, all the petitioners are ordered to be released on bail in the event of arrest or on their appearance, subject to the following conditions – (a) all the petitioners are required to appear before the Head Master of the Montfort Anglo Indian Higher Secondary School, Yercaud and each of the petitioner shall execute a bond for a sum of Rs.1000/- ; (b) to clean and keep the classrooms (not less than 4 class room for each person) clean including black board, table, bench and the floor for a week and also (c) spend time in the school library and e-library to prepare notes by handwritten (not less than four pages) on – (i) non-violation from excerpts of Mahatma Gandhi, (ii) educational schemes promoted by the former Chief Minister Mr.K.Kamraj and (iii) dream and vision of Dr. Abdul Kalam,” the Court said.

Source: Barandbench

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