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Madras High Court reserves orders on pleas filed by OPS and others against AIADMK resolutions, General Secretary polls

On Wednesday, senior counsel for one of the expelled leaders, argued that the party did not have the power to take extreme steps such as expelling primary members without even giving them a fair hearing.

“Whenever such disciplinary action is taken, the person against whom action is to be taken should be called upon to give his explanation. When you are dealing with political parties, you are dealing with the Representation of the People Act and constitutional provisions. You can not implant the provisions of contract ipso jure and lift your hands,” he argued.

Counsel for the petitioners argued that rules had been amended in favour of EPS, who has filed his nomination for the post of General Secretary and is likely to be elected to the post. They said that OPS was ready to contest the General Secretary elections if given a chance.

The Court was also told that the decision to have a single leader for the party had been taken to strengthen the organisation, and the eligibility criteria for members to contest for the post of General Secretary had been amended to ensure that those who did not enjoy the support of party members, did not enter the fray.

Source: Barandbench

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