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Many cats cared for in High Court premises; some even sit on our dais: Bombay High Court while hearing plea on stray dogs

The Court further stated that the judges and staff members of High Court care for cats in the High Court as a consequence of which the High Court premise was teeming with cats which even occupy the dais meant for judges.

A division bench of Justices GS Kulkarni and RN Laddha highlighted how cats mark their territories and keep coming back to the area where they are looked after and cared for.  

“Have you taken a round for the High Court? Have you seen the number of cats? There are cats everywhere. Sometimes, they are even sitting on the judges’ dias. You take them out from there, they will come back. Those cats are permanently around the areas chosen by them. Some cats are permanently located in the bar rooms, some inside or outside a particular judges’ chamber. Those cats will be permanently located there only, you won’t find them anywhere else. They mark their areas,” the judge said.

The remarks were made while dealing with a petition by a resident of a housing society seeking designated feeding areas in housing society for stray dogs.

Source: Barandbench

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