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“Nobody can live without mobile phone today”: Kerala High Court on plea against mobile tower radiation

Single-judge Justice PV Kunhikrishnan made the observations when an advocate sought urgent hearing of a case against the erection of a new mobile tower.

A visibly bemused Justice Kunhikrishnan highlighted how mobile phones are now entrenched in all aspects of life and said that even the petitioner would have had to contact the advocate on a mobile phone.

Counsel, don’t you have a mobile? Didn’t the petitioner use a mobile phone to call you and inform you of this tower? Who can live without a mobile these days?” the judge asked.

Upon being told that the petitioner seriously apprehends that the mobile tower will emit harmful radiation, Justice Kunhikrishnan pointed out that the issue has been dealt with by several previous judgments of the Court.

He also remarked on the lack of evidence to support the apprehension of harmful emissions.

This is covered by so many judgments. What will happen if there is a mobile tower? Radiation? Where is the evidence?” the judge queried.

Source: Barandbench

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